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UPF-Peru Convenes United Nations Day Forum

Peru-2022-10-28-UPF-Peru Holds United Nations Day 2022 Forum


Lima, Peru—On Monday, October 28, 2022, UPF Peru branch held a United Nations Day Forum at José Faustino Sánchez Carrión Auditorium of the Congress of the Republic. This important meeting was co-sponsored by Congressman of the Republic of Peru, Dr. Abel Augusto Reyes Cam.

The forum brought together outstanding leaders and Ambassadors for Peace, including the virtual participation of Rev. Dr. Dong Mo Shin, regional director of Universal Peace Federation of South America, as guest of honor, who shared with the audience a brief introduction to UPF’s peace initiatives and congratulated the efforts that Peruvian Ambassadors for Peace have been carrying out in favor of UPF and those most in need.

The meeting was attended by Congressman and Ambassador for Peace Dr. Reyes Cam; Dr. Ricardo Velásquez Ramírez, president of the Committee for the Study and Dissemination of Law in Latin America (CEDDAL); Dr. Pedro Miguel Angulo Arana, former dean of the Lima Bar Association and Ambassador for Peace; and Ambassador for Peace Ms. Esther Silvera Parejas, who read a message about United Nations Day.

The opening remarks were given by Congressman Dr. Reyes Cam, who called on those present to make the guiding principles of the UN Magna Carta a reality. He congratulated UPF as a world organization focused on promoting peace work and living for the good of others, in addition to reaffirming his commitment to work for peace.

Dr. Velásquez Ramírez, in his speech about the creation of the UN, reminded the audience of a quote from Immanuel Kant: “Human dignity is priceless. Human dignity is above everything. It is the principle of sacred value by which modern societies must be built.” He encouraged the audience and Ambassadors for Peace to contribute to the founding principles of the UN Magna Carta to promote equality, eradicate major global problems such as poverty, and establish a world of peace.

For his part, Dr. Pedro Angulo Arana expressed the contribution of initiatives such as the UN Magna Carta on peace issues and the promotion of human rights. Dr. Angulo Arana reminded the audience of the words that Holocaust survivor Irene Shashar expressed at a UN event in 2020: “The United Nations was born from the ashes left by World War II. We need your voice, because silence is indifference. It is the obligation we have toward the 1.5 million children who did not have the same luck as I did.” Dr. Angulo Arana concluded his speech by calling for the rule of law to be established in all the peoples of the world.

As part of the celebration, Dr. Trevor Jones, executive president of UPF Peru, addressed the new Ambassadors for Peace, welcoming them to the organization. Likewise, he congratulated the new Ambassadors for Peace for their interest in joining UPF-Peru and supporting the organization’s efforts to help those most in need, in addition to sharing a brief introduction to UPF-Peru, outlining the core principles of the organization.

The appointment ceremony for the new Ambassadors for Peace was led by the secretary general of UPF-Peru, Mr. Jaime Fernández, who, together with the Congressman of the Republic, Dr. Reyes Cam, gave the certificates to the new Ambassadors for Peace. Thirty-six new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, including district officials, academics, religious leaders, businessmen and civil society leaders, who ratified their commitment to promoting peace initiatives and carrying out social service tasks in favor of those most in need. Dr. Reymundo Rodolfo Jimeno Mora and Lic. Carmen Huamani offered acceptance speeches as new Ambassadors for Peace.

The event included a musical presentation by singer-songwriter Pedro Mosquera and a musical performance by the soprano Alianda Valenzuela from IntiTika – Flordel Sol.

At the end of the meeting, certificates in recognition of their work were given to all the panellists by secretary general Mr. Fernandez on behalf of UPF-Peru president, Dr. Jones, who had watched the meeting which was transmitted live through our Facebook page.

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