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UPF-Argentina Marks UN International Women’s Day by Honoring Five Women for Their Humanitarian Work

Argentina-2021-03-18-UPF-Argentina Marks UN International Women’s Day by Honoring Five Women for Their Humanitarian Work


Buenos Aires, Argentina—The Federal Western Neighborhood Association and UPF acknowledged five women for their good practices and values in a social club located in Haedo (Province of Buenos Aires) for UN International Women’s Day (1). The event, broadcast over Zoom, was held on March 18, 2021.

Distinguished women were Lorena Beatriz Coria, Reina del Carmen Cruz, Liliana Inés Golian, Mónica Metaller and Andrea Schill. They received a rose and a framed certificate with a review of their work, either social–solidary, training–educational, or promotion of a healthy lifestyle (2).

“We wanted to meet you and say thank-you through this simple gift, but with all our hearts and thankfulness. Because I’m sure that with many people like you, we would change the reality of this country and this world,” said Cristian Martínez, president of Haedo’s Federal Western Neighborhood Association.

Ambassador for Peace Horacio Castellón, representative of UPF in Morón, highlighted the role of women in the family and their role as mothers as the root of a society of values, and the importance of working alongside men. Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina, quoted UPF Co-Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon on the importance of health in the lives of people: physical, mental and spiritual health. These aspects of health are present in all the recognized women, who spread their motherly love into the social sphere, so “nobody feels like an orphan.”

The musical performance was in the charge of Marcelo Acosta, coordinator of the Job Training Social Center, who performed with his guitar “Aquel Tiempo de mi Infancia” and “De Mi Madre.” The meeting ended with a light meal, with everyone enjoying the moment in fraternity.

The emcee was Christian Castellón, representative of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP). In the beginning, he talked about the International Day of Women: “Despite all the achievements from the last decades, statistics show more progress is required to reach equal opportunities among men and women. Therefore, this day is a moment to reflect and honor women who left a legacy, to celebrate the achievements in equality and to revalue the great potential of men and women working together and helping solve social and environmental issues.”



1) “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World” is the theme of the 2021 International Women’s Day, established by the United Nations in 1975 to recognize gender equality. Its background includes protests for voting rights and improvement of working conditions, referencing a tragic incident that occurred last century at a shirtwaist factory in New York, where 129 women died.

2) Recognized women:

Lorena Beatriz Coria: Representative of the soup kitchen “Manitos de Dios,” located in the San Juan de Castelar Sur neighborhood. It was created in 1990 to help homeless children. There is also a “community wardrobe,” a garden, crafts and school support. In the time of coronavirus, they started to deliver food to families with fewer resources. This solidary work continues nowadays, with all precautions.

Reina del Carmen Cruz: She began her social work in institutions, churches, and with Caritas; she assisted in soup kitchens and then sought to improve the situation in poor neighborhoods, trying to get streets paved. Her service vocation led her to develop a soup kitchen for many years. She is active in solidarity, providing her support in the renovation of schools and helping neighbors make various arrangements and appointments. She has developed this social and territorial work since 1989.

Liliana Inés Golian: Doctor specializing in pediatric care who developed her career in different areas and has focused on primary attention and health prevention. Her greater interest is the management of healthy growth of children during their most vulnerable ages. Since 2003, she has held the workshop “Growing While Playing” because she understands there is no better way for children to grow and socialize than sharing and playing with their mother.

Mónica Metaller: Five years ago, she established with her family a soup kitchen called “Copa de Leche la Nona.” Over time, they expanded the place and opened recycling, dancing, painting and games workshops for children and grownups. Then they added bakery, sewing and carpentry workshops. She overcame a painful crisis after the tragic death of one of her sons, with the help of her family and the community. She keeps working with great love and willpower.

Andrea Schill: Biologist, nutritionist, entrepreneur in cosmetology and holistic therapies, training new professionals and creating new sources of labor. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition with the program “Make Your Digestion Happy” and courses such as “Cooking and Healthy Eating.” She is always motivated and ready to continue her work for a healthy life.

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