UPF-Argentina Commemorates UN International Women’s Day

Argentina-2020-03-08-UPF-Argentina Commemorates UN International Women’s Day

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Buenos Aires Province, Argentina—Six women were recognized for their work and values during UPF-Argentina’s 2020 International Women’s Day celebration held on March 8 at the General Lavalle Casa de la Cultura: María Del Pilar Montans (catechist teacher), Graciela Rosas (teacher-writer), Ana María Gasparri (nurse-hospital manager), Rosa Ferreyra (teacher-writer), Isabel Suárez (rural worker) and María Victoria Luchetti (teacher). There was a brief speech (1), artistic performances (2) and emotional moments with the honorees, with the attendance of the mayor and other community representatives.

This was an initiative of Ambassador for Peace Marta Formichella, who is in the fourth edition of “Women for World Peace,” along with the Municipality and the Argentinian chapter of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and UPF-Argentina. We took the opportunity to recognize Leonor Guerrini-Orlando Franzosi, who participated in the celebration of the International Day of Families / Global Day of Parents in San Clemente del Tuyú (Buenos Aires province) on June 1, 2019, when couples married for 25 years of more were honored (3).

In the city of Buenos Aires, another celebration took place on March 12 at El Templete of Parque de los Patricios, with a program limited by the last-minute health measures. Among the recognized people were Dr. Silvia Antonia Chevel, dance teacher María Angélica Luna (Ángel Ferri), journalist Ruzhka Miteva Nicolova and Adela Yebara, for their solidarity and cultural work (4). Brief speeches were given by Rosetta Conti, president of WFWP-Argentina, and Ambassador for Peace Horacio Daboul, president of the Corporate Social Responsibility Area of Parque de los Patricios’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Services. Both of them were organizers of the event, along with UPF (5).

Each year, this day represents an opportunity to celebrate the developments throughout history to guarantee equal rights and opportunities of women and men, and to renew our commitment to keep working in this direction for the benefits that this will bring to coexistence, development and peace.


1) Words by Rosetta Conti, President of the Women Federation for World Peace in Argentina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_bpRGMxJLg

2) Dance group ‘Amanecer’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uX-xErralI

3) Testimony by Leonor Guerrini-Orlando Franzosi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uLS_y0YyCs

Info about the International Day of Families 2019: http://www.upf.org/united-nations/international-day-of-families/2019/8575-international-day-of-families-celebrated-in-argentina

4) Women honored in Buenos Aires:

Silvia Antonia Chevel: “for her professional work in the healthcare area, with more than 37 years of experience as a doctor (UBA), offering her service in various health centers across the country. For her work as a teacher and for spreading the culture of her ancestors and native peoples from El Huecú (Neuquén). For her community commitment and love towards her family, as a mother and grandmother.”

María Angélica Luna (Ángel Ferri): “For her vocation at the service of teaching native dances for more than 40 years, with performances in various stages. For her love and commitment invested in educating about the benefits such artistic expression has on health, self-esteem and personality. For her career and experience in folk dances, seeking to display elegance, security and joy.”

Ruzhka Miteva Nicolova: “For her various initiatives to strengthen and spread Bulgarian culture beyond its national borders, through public relations, journalism and as a teacher. For her work in the area of her community and her collaborative and solidary spirit in different civil society organizations she belongs to, as founder of institutions and newspapers.”

Adela Yebara: “For her artistic performance as director of the Dance Group ‘Caminata de las Quenas’ and bearer of the ‘Civil Liberty National Flag,’ created by Manuel Belgrano. For her solidary, cultural work as an active promoter of Jujuy’s history and identity through various initiatives. For her values as a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and friend.”

5) The event was sponsored by the Argentinian Federation of Collectivities (FAC); the Cultural and Social Arab League Association; Rotary Club of Parque de los Patricios; satellite Collectivities Rotary from Club Parque de los Patricios; Parque de los Patricios’ Sociedad de Fomento; “El Faro del Sur”—Radio and newspaper. Supporting organizations included Africa House in Argentina, Radio and TV “Pasaporte Cultural,” Civil Association “Yoga Arte y Discapacidad,” Water Yoga School, and UCADE—United Collectivities. We thank the renowned artist Sergio Menasché, who exhibited some works of the 2020 Women Homage Exhibition.

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