Peace Day Celebrations Focus on the Youth

Georgia-2021-09-20-Peace Day Celebrations Focus on the Young

Tbilisi, Georgia—UPF celebrated International Day of Peace 2021 with two interactive programs: one for refugee children and the other for university students.

Peace essay competition for refugee children

UPF-Georgia organized an online competition for children of refugee families from the autonomous republic of Abkhazia from September 15 to 20. The children, who were 7 to 12 years old, were asked to write an essay on the topic of peace.

The children filled their essays with very touching ideas and wishes. Growing up in refugee families, many of these children are separated from their grandparents and other relatives and can’t meet them. Their essays expressed the desire to visit the birthplace of their parents; to build friendly relationships in school; to see the end of the pandemic. They spoke of the importance of caring for nature, and of unity and peace within the family.

The children who wrote the three best essays were awarded schoolbooks and school supplies. Participants living in other regions of the country also received gifts. The children and their parents accepted the gifts with gratitude, as the school year recently started.

Korean research project for university students

In support of the peaceful reunification of Korea, UPF organized a research project for students of Ilia State University in Tbilisi and other youth who are interested in Korea. From September 15 to 20, a total of 20 participants researched Korean history and culture, as well as perspectives of unification.

The research topics were:

  • The most attractive part of Korean culture;
  • Reasons for Korea’s division;
  • Possible ways for Korea to unify peacefully;
  • Perspectives of a united Korea.

The Georgian students could find similarities between the Korean and Georgian cultures, especially in the behavior toward elders. Students deeply researched the history of Korea’s division, based on international and Korean materials.

Most of the students see the possibility of unification through peaceful diplomatic negotiations, as the nation has a strong wish for unity. In their opinion, the unification of Korea would be unprecedented in world history and could be taught in schools around the world as a model of peace. The students concluded that in case of unification, Korea can become a strong nation that will be beneficial for the whole world, as Korea is developed and can offer amazing things to the world in economy, technology, culture and the arts.

The students commented that the research project was a great opportunity for them to deeply understand Korea and the perspectives of unification. The authors of the three best projects were awarded with gift cards from a Korean shop.

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