Argentina International Day of Peace 2017: “Together for Peace”

Argentina-2017-09-21-International Day of Peace 2017: “Together for Peace”


Buenos Aires, Argentina— On September 21, UPF-Argentina celebrated the International Day of Peace at El Templete, Buenos Aires. The event included an interfaith ceremony, speeches, a poem reading and acknowledgements to institutions and supporters of Peace Road 2017. A video of this global peace project was shown. Lastly, representatives of public entities, civil society organizations and religious people watered an olive tree “For Life and Peace.”

The rainy day did not discourage our participants, who wanted to support such a significant day. This year, the UN established the theme “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” A video of the event can be viewed at the following link.

“For Life and Peace”

The program opened with reflections and prayers from religious leaders: Pastor Alba Rosa Contardo from Ministerio Cumbre Mundial de los Milagros; Elder Johny Switzer and his wife Janice H. Switzer, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and the Apostles Rubén Contreras and his wife Laura Navarro, who lead the Ministerio Cristiano Apostólico y Profético (Apostolic-Prophetic Ministry).

Afterwards, we acknowledged our friends who participated in the Peace Road “A Caring, United Argentina”  (1) held on August 27 in Buenos Aires. These included: Christian Oreb, general coordinator of Red Cooperar; Francisco Scoccimarro, president of the Almas Doradas Foundation; Silvia Carranza, president of the NGO CILSA; Olga Noman, founder and owner of Cruzada Jujeña de Solidaridad; Silvia Olguín, director of the dance group El Triunfo; and Francisco Carchio from Unidad de Enlace del Consejo de Seguridad y Prevención del Delito del Gobierno de Buenos Aires (Council of Security and Crime Prevention).

A diploma of gratitude was presented to Carolina Estebarena, legislator of Buenos Aires City, for her work to create the Declaration of Interest of 2017, Peace Road, Argentina. We also acknowledged representatives of the institutions, which supported the Peace Road (2). Two special distinctions were given to Ysaías Pisco Lozano (68 years old) and Pastor Manuel Rupérez (79 years old), a recently appointed Ambassador for Peace. Both had participated in the Peace Road: 22 kilometers on bicycle and 8 kilometers on foot, respectively.

Representatives of supporting entities delivered the diplomas: Rosetta Conti, president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace in Argentina; Emanuel Sayavedra, president of CARP-Argentina; Eduardo and Kessinee Corales, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification; and Alba Luz Tangarife, UPF-Argentina.

All acknowledged participants, who also received a copy of UPF-Argentina’s Declaration for the International Day of Peace (3), watered the olive tree. Thus, everyone supported the UN theme: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.”

“Activate and Encourage Peace”

The meeting was attended by representatives of various public organizations, civil society organizations, and religious and cultural groups. Among them, we highlight the Brazilian poet Marina Fagundes Coello, who travelled especially to share a moment with us. Marina is an Ambassador for Peace who was a godmother in various editions of the International Poetry Contest organized by UPF-Argentina for the International Day of Peace. There were many supporters (4) and messages of greeting (5). Among them, included a message from Dr. Rosío Antinori, deputy of Buenos Aires Province, and Joseph Berolo, president of Naciones Unidas de las Letras from Chia, Cundinamarca (Colombia).

Miguel Werner, secretary general, UPF-Argentina gave welcoming words and served as master of ceremonies. Meanwhile, Horacio Daboul, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Services of Parque de los Patricios, read a text on the UN date. This year, the International Day of Peace focuses on engaging and mobilizing people throughout the world to show support for refugees and migrants: “A global initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes and those leaving in search of a better life.”

To conclude, there were several artistic performances. First, the dance group “El Triunfo,” directed by Silvia Olguín, a newly appointed Ambassador for Peace, and second, Japanese volunteers, Kotoe, Hitomi, Miki and Motomi sang two love songs: Jupiter and I Will Follow You.

The event was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Services of Parque de los Patricios, and Asociación Liga Árabe Cultural y Social (Arabian Cultural and Social Association). UPF-Argentina supported the celebrations of the 115th Anniversary of Parque de los Patricios and the 10th Peace Talks. Such celebrations are promoted by the Peace Council of Argentina: “In order to activate and encourage peace within us and our communities, harmonizing with all similar actions to be carried out in this world.”

“Protect the Treasure of Peace”

The olive tree watering could not be done during the International Day of Peace because it was held on September 29. On this occasion, representatives of some entities attended the ceremony to complete the symbolic action of collective commitment.

Father Jordi, priest of the Sanctuary San Antonio de Padua, gave a brief reflection and read Matthew 6:19-21: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Afterwards, each participant threw a shovel of soil and everyone prayed together to “protect the treasure of peace.”

Another supporter of this event was the Private University UdeMM. A letter was sent by Dean Norberto Fraga and Professor Silvia Gabriela Vázquez, a newly appointed Ambassador for Peace in charge of the University Social Responsibility Class. Our last supporter was Pasaporte Cultural, a radio program conducted by Dr. Mirta Von Sädemann; and FUND.ART.E.S – Arts, Education and Health by Professor Lucrecia Potenza, both of whom are Ambassadors for Peace.

The International Day of Peace was declared in 1981 by the UN and it is observed on September 21 “to strengthen the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.” This occasion encourages people to renew their commitment to life, solidarity and peace.


(1) Peace Road is a global peace initiative, which seeks to connect all peoples around the world. It promotes the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the unity of ethnicities and nations, and the understanding among cultures and religions. It encourages the cooperation between North and South, East and West, and a greater commitment from the international community to solve local and global issues. Peace Road also addresses the peaceful reunification of Korea and the creation of a fifth UN Headquarters in Asia. This initiative is based on the International Peace Highway, which would allow people to travel from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, to Santiago de Chile in South America. The IPH also unifies Korea and Japan through a tunnel and the United States and Russia through a bridge in the Bering Strait. Thus, there are meetings and rallies throughout the world, such as walks and bycicle rides with the themes “Connecting the World through Peace” and “Realizing the Dream of One Global Family.”

(2) Local support to 2017 Peace Road Argentina: Universidad Privada UdeMM (Private University) / Acercando Naciones (Civil Society) / Mediante Procesos Participativos y Pacíficos (Through Participatory and Peaceful Processes) / Asociación Civil Caminando (Civil Society) / Asociación de Cultura Colombiana en Argentina - Como Vos (Colombian Culture Association) / Formando Ciudadanos Asociación Civil (Civil Society) / Instituto de la Democracia y Elecciones (IDEMOE) (Institute of Democracy and Elections) / Fundación Ciudadanos del Mundo (Foundation) / Tong Il Moo Do / Casa de África en Argentina (Africa House in Argentina) / Profesionales para la Salud Integral (Pro.Sa.I.) (Integral Health Professionals) / Cámara de Comercio, Industria, Turismo y Servicios de Parque de los Patricios (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Services of Parque de los Patricios) / Fundación Artes, Educación y Salud (FUND.ART.E.S) (Arts, Education and Health Foundation) / Soroptimist Internacional Buenos Aires (Soroptimist International, Buenos Aires) / Unidad Docente de Enfermería: Unidad Asistencial Dr. César Milstein-INSSP-UBA (Nursing Teaching Unity) / Red Regulen de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y Provincia de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Network) / América Madre, Institución Cultural Internacional por la “Integración de los Pueblos, por la Vida y por la Paz” (International Institution for the Integration of Peoples for Life and Peace) / Acercando Naciones Magazine / SIC-SOCINCE - Agencia de Noticias para las Américas (News Agency for America) / Programas radiales Pasaporte Cultural (Radio program) / Esperanza Argentina (Argentina’s Hope) / Diplomacia, política y economía (Diplomacy, Politics and Economy) / El Faro del Sur: La voz de las colectividades (The Voice of Communities).

(3) Declaration of the 2017 International Day of Peace issued by UPF-Argentina

First: Conflicts and violence are caused by lack of dialogue and deviation from our highest ideals and deepest desires. Aggression is a sign of decline, the loss of the meaning of life, a social failure. If we really wish to end violence and weapons, we should commit ourselves to a spiritual awakening.

Second: Law by itself cannot end violence. Law needs to be supported by significant education programs, which aim to train young people and solve conflicts. It should also highlight cooperation, solidarity, and the promotion of a “culture of encounter,” overcoming ethnicities, nationalities, and religions. Men and women who have been educated with such values will fulfill their responsibilities and duties towards others. They will respect and live for the sake of their community and nation.

Third: Families, being the cornerstone of society, act as the primary school of ethics. Here, children learn their first rules of sociability, respect, harmonious coexistence and service to others. Countless resources and million-dollar budgets aimed at weapons and “security” should be reassigned to human development, starting with the family, the “basic unit” and the promotion of family values. Strengthening such families is essential to create a culture of coexistence, co-prosperity and universally shared values for the development of societies and peoples.

Fourth: Everlasting peace cannot be granted by reducing the number of weapons and nuclear arsenals. Instead, we should promote universal values and education of the common good. We should recognize we are all brothers and sisters who share the same planet, the same origin and spiritual heritage. Lasting peace cannot occur without restoring such dignity, saving people from social deprivation and providing equal education, health, job, and housing opportunities.

Fifth: The understanding that we belong to the same global community, a great family under the same Creator, encourages us to end all conflicts and violence. Furthermore, by helping other peoples and cultures, we will form a harmonious coexistence with nature, the Creation.

UPF-Argentina supports and celebrates the International Day of Peace, established in 1981 with Resolution 36/67 by the UN, which is devoted to “strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.”

Buenos Aires, September 21, 2017

(4) Supporting institutions of the 2017 International Day of Peace: América Madre - Institución Cultural Internacional, Santa María de Punilla – Córdoba (Cultural Institution from Córdoba) / Movimiento Cien Poetas por la Paz (Cultural Movement) / Academia Norteamericana de Literatura Moderna - Capítulo Buenos Aires (North American Academy of Modern Literature, Buenos Aires) / aBrace Representaciones Culturales Córdoba (Cultural Association) / Sociedad de Escritores de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Association of Writers from Buenos Aires) / Fundación Maestros Sin Fronteras (Teachers Foundation) / Escuela Argentina de Yoga y Ayurveda, Trelew – Provincia de Chubut (Argentinian School of Yoga and Ayurveda) / Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos (SAAP) (Argentinian Society of Plastic Artists) / Acercando Naciones ONG (NGO) / Movimiento Cultural Internacional aBrace Buenos Aires (International Cultural Movement) / Instituto Literario y Cultural Hispánico, California – Estados Unidos (Hispanic Literary and Cultural Institute, United States) / Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Unida (Lutheran-Evangelic Church) / ASOLAPO de Argentina / IFLAC / Organización Mundial para la Paz (WWPO) (WorldWide Peace Organization) / Consejo de Paz de la República Argentina (Argentinian Peace Council) / Ligüen Asociación Civil (Civil Society) / Circulo de Poetas de la Ciudad de Boulogne Sur Mer - Provincia de Buenos Aires (Poetry group from Boulogne Sur Mer City) / Cátedra UNESCO de Educación para la Paz y la Comprensión Internacional (UNESCO Lectureship on Education for Peace and International Understanding) / Red Iberoamericana de Cultura de Paz (Ibero-American Network of Peace Culture) / Asociación Nacional de la Alianza de Mesas Redondas Panamericanas (National Association of Pan-American Round-table discussions) / Movimiento Cultural aBrace en Entre Ríos (Cultural Movement) / Gaceta del Veterano de Guerra de Malvinas (Magazine on Malvinas War Veterans).

(5) Messages and greetings:

“Thank you for the invitation. Even though I will not be able to attend the event, I hope you receive my commitment to life, solidarity and peace. There is no doubt that the UN’s theme ‘Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All’ encapsulates the values which my job consists of. I send you my best greetings and encourage you to keep working as you have always been. I am certain your great efforts and hard work contribute to the achievement of a “‘caring, solidary Argentina’.”
~ Dr. Rosío Antinori, parliamentarian, Buenos Aires

“We should always be the sowers of dreams and realities. ‘Peace’ is our deepest desire, a universal value and a shared commitment of our times. We need to move forward together with modesty, protecting the eternal seed of peace for a better world, filled with significant realizations.”
~ Mary Acosta, International Cultural Movement aBrace. (Montevideo, Uruguay), Founding member of ”United Nations of the Letters,” Honorary member and Cultural Ambassador in Argentina for IFLAC (International Forum of Literature and Culture for Peace), and Ambassador of Peace for Argentina by WWPO (WorldWide Peace Organization)

“Wars are useless; they cause death. This is why we must reject them. There are no just or unjust wars, since all come from hatred, misery, and lust for power, leaving behind destruction and death. We must condone violence. Dialogue is the only weapon capable of granting humanity a present and a future of peaceful coexistence.”
~ Marcelo Gustavo Sanchez, director of Gaceta del Veterano de Guerra de Malvinas, and veteran of the Falklands / Malvinas War

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