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Day of Peace Observed by Russian Women


Women's organizations, including the Women's Federation for World Peace, organized programs in commemoration of the International Day of Peace in Moscow, Perm, and Yekaterinburg. See also reports of Conferences and forums, school programs, and sports events in observance of the International Day of Peace throughout Russia.

Moscow - The September 15 meeting of the inter-ethnic women's club "Fellowship" linked to the commemoration of the International Day of Peace. The theme of the program at the Moscow House of Nationalities, “Talent and creativity,” drew the attention of people of different occupations: heads and teachers at schools and universities, medical doctors, public figures, students, members of national centers of culture, and international clubs. Guests came to the meeting from practically all districts of the capital.

The participants were warmly welcomed by Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia chapter. In his speech he emphasized the role of women’s organizations in the peacemaking movement.

In the warm and friendly atmosphere, the discussion on “Art can unite” was followed by a musical performance.

During the meeting, there was a presentation of the movable exhibition of the museum at city school No. 1923 entitled “Our world yesterday, today and tomorrow” on “Traditions of Russian Balls” related to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812.

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The role of MC at the program was shared by two Ambassadors for Peace: the director of the Children’s Humanitarian Academy, Potapova A.D., who is also the head of the Interactive Museum “Our world of yesterday, today and tomorrow,” and the chair of the interethnic women's club “Fellowship,” Karina Kvazem.

Perm - The Perm branch of the Women's Federation for World Peace in Yekaterinburg wanted to contribute to the celebration of the UN International Day of Peace. During September, the women collected clothing, books, and toys to deliver to the immigrant centers in the cities of Ocher, Vereshagino, and Nytva of the Perm Territory. Officers of the Board Sedochenko Svetlana and Oganesyan Alisa were the most active participants.

The collected gifts were handed over to Irina Vasilyevna Lezhnyova, chair of the board of the "House of Friendship" Society for Promoting the Development of Culture, on September 19.

We hope that our modest gifts collected by the citizens of Perm will bring a little warmth the hearts and souls of those who, guided by their destiny, found themselves in our territory. This was our way of contributing to the creation of world peace. The activity will continue until October.

Yekaterinburg - A charitable creativity class on the theme of “Let us make an animation together” was held in the City Center of Rehabilitation “Talisman” for children with limited physical faculties on September 14. Tatyana Mikhailovna Khamitova, Ambassador for Peace and president of the local Foundation for development of cinema and television for children “Vozrojdenie”, came to the event on the invitation of the Women's Federation for World Peace-Yekaterinburg. This organization invested much effort to raise funds to create the “Animation room” to provide the means for children with limited faculties (including those suffering from cancer) or those in difficult life circumstances to become script-writers, painters, producers, animators, etc., and achieve their creative potential while at the same time improving their health and experiencing love and care on the part of the society.

International Day of Peace gave us an opportunity to bring joy to the children. The script of the animation corresponded the theme of the celebration day. As the basic subject we chose the song “Let there always be sunshine!” It was good to have such wonderful equipment; still, the children would not be able to cope with the tasks of creating their animations without the help of professionals. Wonderful volunteers with a desire to give attention, care, and love came work with the children ages 4 to 9. With warm feelings and patience they made contact with each child and thus became the children’s favorite companions. There was work for everyone: they drew, carved, and collected the necessary materials for pictures and made photos to be used in the animations. The producer-animators quickly and expertly entered all this into the computer. The animation was completed in a few hours. The children could enjoy the results of their work on the same day. You can also enjoy our animation on the web-site

The creativity class brought much joy to everybody. The event was held with support of the partnership of three organizations and volunteers. Cooperation and life for the benefit of society are important elements of peace; it was good that on the International Day of Peace we could do something with tangible beneficts.

The Women's Federation for World Peace would like to express its gratitude to the head of the Foundation “Vozrojdenie”, T.M. Khamitova, and also to the deputy-director of the Rehabilitation Center “Talisman”, T.G. Moston. We look forward to future cooperation.

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