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Day of Peace Observed in Schools throughout Russia

UPF chapters throughout Russia organized a variety of educational and cultural events related to peace at schools in Khabarovsk, Kondopoga, Kostomuksha, Pokrovskoye, Saratov, Serov, Tyumen, and Volgograd. See also reports of Conferences and forums, sports events, and women's projects in observance of the International Day of Peace throughout Russia.

Khabarovsk - Representatives of the Universal Peace Federation organized and conducted a Lesson of Peace for students in the 6th form at school No. 76 in Khabarovsk on September 20. Using an interactive method of learning, the students analyzed causes of conflicts. Then they were invited to discuss whether it would be possible to prevent conflicts and what we have to do practically to eradicate conflicts. They watched a video about how creativity can promote world peace and learned about the history of the UN International Day of Peace.

Kondopoga, Karelia - In the spacious hall of the Youth Culture Center, UPF representative Tatyana Krasnosumova met with young Ambassadors for Peace from city schools in an observance of the International Day of Peace on September 13. The goal of the meeting was to create a club for young Ambassadors for Peace and hold a brain-ring on the theme “We make peace.” The participants had to carefully analyze one phrase that was read to them in advance and choose one response: I agree, I do not agree, or it’s disputable.

According to their responses, participants were divided into teams. During a certain period of time, each team by joint effort tried to find arguments in favor of their choice. Then the teams very actively proved correctness of their viewpoint.

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As the result, the participants came to the conclusion that any controversy could be solved peacefully by bringing forward facts and listening to the reasons of the opponents. In the end of the brain-ring participants made origami doves and then exchanged them as symbols of peace and friendship.

The event was planned as the master-class for teachers of the city schools who gathered together at the seminar on training coordinators for the Young Ambassadors for Peace club.

Representatives of the local TV studio showed genuine interest in the program and interviewed Young Ambassadors for Peace Sergei Shakhovtsev and Vika Kanivchenko. The children were asked about their attitudes about peace and the responsibility of Ambassadors for Peace, and they gave worthy answers.

Kostomuksha, Karelia - With great enthusiasm, peacemakers at the Pushkin school in Kostomuksha, Karelia, took part several activities on the International Day of Peace, September 21: “We vote for peace,” “Dove of Peace,” “Chalk and drawing,” and youth street action. Children made origami doves, wrote good wishes to each other and to other people, set up an information stand, and drew pictures about peace on the asphalt in front of their school. They agreed on one conclusion: in order to preserve our planet people must live in peace.

The children expressed their attitude toward the problem of preserving our planet through their creative talents. The beauty of our home planet and world peace were the main subjects of the children’s drawings that decorated the square in front of their school.

The peacemaking teams had special class hours, and 300 people participated in the activities. The following teams participated: Junior Peace Ambassadors (teacher Alexeeva N.N.); “Sturdy children” (teacher Dementyeva A.K.); “Eaglets” (teacher Isaicheva S.A.); “Sprouts” (teacher Plishko E.A.), and “Little sparkles” (teacher Kochik V.G.)

The teams and participants received certificates of honor and prizes.

Pokrovskoye, Sverdlovsk - School No. 4 of the Pokrovskoye village in the Sverdlovsk region celebrated the UN International Day of Peace with a number of events:

On September 13, all children from forms 1 – 11 participated in the celebration line up.

On September 16, participants using the drawings that children had made in advance “built” a Wall of Peace.

On September 23, representatives of UPF - Ural region conducted a discussion on the theme of “We make the world ourselves” as a part of the program “City helps the village.” Among the participants were children and teachers of the 5th, 6th, and 9th forms. Some of them are already Ambassadors for Peace. Their exemplary enthusiasm inspired the others.

Peace themes were presented in many aspects giving each of the participants a chance to reflect on such notions as peace, peacemakers, and the idea of becoming a peacemaker. Participants not only reflected and talked but they also presented practical results.

Saratov - To commemorate the UN International Day of Peace, UPF-Saratov hosted its second annual forum at school No. 43 on the theme “Let the word ‘Peace’ be voiced in many languages.” Ambassadors for Peace who respect cultural traditions and universal values came to the celebration.

Guests of honor included:

  • Chechina Liudmila Victirivna, chair of the board of the Saratov regional department of the International grassroots foundation “Peace Foundation of Russia”
  • Radayeva Marina Nikolayevna, director of school 56, Saratov, with advanced study of foreign languages
  • Priest Vladimir (Kashirin), head of the department for cooperation with law enforcement agencies and armed forces, Saratov eparchy, Russian Orthodox Church
  • Kaeta Olga Ivanovna, deputy-chair of the Saratov regional department of the All-Russia Society for Preserving Nature
  • Akifyeva Elena Vladimirovna, teacher in the department of nature and science education, Saratov State University
  • Molotkova Natalia Yakovlevna, school director from the village of Alexeyevka, Khvalynsky district
  • Ganchuk Andrei Vasilievich, representative of the oil company “Lukoik-Nizhnevolzhsknefte Product”
  • Abramova Tamara Valerievna, director of school 43, Saratov

Children from schools No 43 and 56 in Saratov and from the village of Alexeevka talked about tolerance, friendship, and peace. Within the forum program, there were exhibitions of children’s drawings and literary compositions in different languages on the theme “Let the word ‘Peace’ be voiced in many languages.” The guests watched a video in which children of different nationalities explained their understanding of peace.

During the week after the forum, students in forms 5 – 11 at school No 43 decided to tell the people of their micro-district about the International Day of Peace and give to them handmade origami doves of peace.

The chair of the Foundation, Chechina L.V., read the welcoming address to forum participants in the name of the UN. In her speech, she emphasized that if you want to make the world a better place, you have to begin from yourself.

In addition to concert performances (songs, dances, video) there were words about the importance of world peace and personal responsibility to preserve peace on our planet.

The school corridors were decorated with galleries of of drawings and posters about different countries.

At the end of the forum, participants passed their resolution. Children understood that they are not alone, that there are many young peace champions desiring to promote tolerance and friendship, and that together we can be a real power.

Serov, Sverdlovsk region - It has become a good tradition to celebrate the International Day of Peace at school 14; this year the celebration was held on September 20. The initiators of this wonderful tradition were professional teachers, UPF Ambassadors for Peace: Turanova Liudmila Vasilyevna and Maklakova Anna Andreyevna.

At 8:00 in the morning, children gathered together to line up with the theme:  “Let everybody hear your voice.” Songs, poetry about peace and friendship, videos made especially for this day, and closing words “Let the world be happy” pronounced in chorus prepared the children to listen to a serious talk that took place right after the line-up in each classroom under the guidance of senior pupils.

For students in forms 5 – 8, the lesson was under the slogan “Make peace, make peace and don’t fight again!” and resulted in drawings with symbols of peace and comments on peace. Senior pupils researched the ways to peacefully solve conflicts. The results were written appeals to the students of the school. The best works were placed on the Wall of Peace.

Among them:

  • Earth is our home. Stop fighting, stop scolding! We are citizens of our beloved planet.
  • The symbol of peace is joy in our hearts. – Kolyadin Roman, 6th form
  • For me, peace means happiness, mutual understanding, my friendly classmates, united family, caring teachers, good school and LOVE! – 7thform student
  • See, sun, summer, rain, stars, races, songs, night.
  • Romanticism, love, spring, hands, lips, sleepless nights.
  • Summer-house, meetings, chocolate and loving glances.
  • Books, ICQ, Internet – many years, step by step.
  • Youth and creativity, sincerity and positive outlook.
  • Joy, friendship, blowing winds,
  • Flames, passion, campfires.
  • Butterflies, flowers and children!
  • This is what we are living for! – 7th form student

The events were broadcast by the local TV. See

Tyumen - The youth grassroots organization "Students’ Initiative," supported by the rector of Tyumen University, Vladimir Vasilyevich Novoselov, organized a contest of family drawings on the theme of “Peace in our home.” There were more than 100 participants.

Volgograd - The department of foreign languages at the comprehensive school No. 81 in Volgograd held a celebration of the International Day of Peace on September 15. A number of contests for children of different ages were scheduled in the program.  Among the participants in the contest “Let our children laugh in the peaceful world” were students in forms 3 – 6. The contest of multimedia presentations in English and French on the theme of “Sister-cities for Peace” and the networking game “Building peace together” were organized for students in forms 9 – 11. Among the works there were some very interesting items about peacemaking. The contest of creative works on the theme “I am a citizen of the world” students in forms 7 – 9 was interesting both for teachers and children. At the end Ambassadors for Peace organized a concert of “Songs of Peace and Friendship” for children and their parents.

The culminating event took place on September 25. In the central city boulevard, a living chain of students lined up with drawings of the contestants in their hands. All the participants had received an expression of appreciation; each child received a balloon decorated with the emblem of the UN International Day of Peace and a badge as a remembrance of the day. The winners received diplomas and souvenirs. Additionally, each one could put his or her signature on special sheets of paper in support of the world peace.

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