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Day of Peace Observed in Majuro

Majuro, Marshall Islands - UPF-Marshall Islands organized commemorations of the International Day of Peace on September 21 at the College of Marshall Islands and at the  Peace Embassy in Majuro. Building on the theme "Democracy and Peace," the programs included a ceremony, presentations on the topic, and opportunities for discussion.

At the College of the Marshall Islands:

With the cooperation of the Dean of Students and members of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, the noon event attracted brilliant students. Student Roger Muller was emcee and explained the meaning of this day, and Rev. Kenichi Ito, President of UPF-Marshall Islands, presented the Statement about Democracy and Peace by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and explained the UPF statement about the Day of Peace with a PowerPoint presentation.

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The next session was a discussion. First, Roger Muller presented his research about the definition of democracy. Then, Rev. Kenichi Ito explained about democracy from a God-centered viewpoint. Then Rev. Ito asked students questions such as: What is the definition of peace? How can peace can be achieved?

They answered that peace can come about when we think of others, when we work together, when we love others, when our family harmonizes, etc. One girl asked why peace events are needed in the Marshall Islands, where there is no conflict and bloodshed like the Middle East. We responded that if you think of someone as your enemy, you have no true peace in your mind or in your life, even if your life is good externally. Then how can the voices of peace and democracy be heard from Marshall Islands? We decided to offer an activity together to support peace: we lit candles and meditated, thinking about the victims of war and natural calamities such as tsunamis and earthquakes, and people suffering from poverty, hunger, and human rights violations. It was a very nice event.

The event at the Peace Embassy in the evening was attended by Ambassadors for Peace and dignitaries.

Hon. Eldon Note, an Ambassador for Peace, lawyer, and former mayor of the Bikini atoll, read the UN statement on "Peace and Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard." Rev. Ito read the UN Secretary-General’s message as well as UPF's Statement for the Day of Peace. Then Hon. Kessai H. Note, Ambassador for Peace, former President, Senator, and UPF Presiding Council Member, gave a congratulatory message about this day of peace referring to UPF's vision for peace and the work of the Marshall Islands chapter. Other participants included the mayor of the Arno Atoll and the National Parliament Secretary. Former Ambassador to the UN Hon. Alfred Capelle, an Ambassador for Peace, sent his regrets at being unable to attend and expressed his congratulations.

We discussed about peace and the development of this country. Especially since the Compact support money from the USA, which is about 60 to 70 percent of our national budget, will expire in 2023, how to establish a foundation for self-sufficiency is a very crucial question.

These were very fruitful and meaningful events.

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