UN International Day of Families 2022

UPF-Argentina Recognizes Families at 2022 International Day of Families

Argentina-2022-06-08-UPF-Argentina Recognizes 30 Families at 2022 International Day of Families


Buenos Aires, Argentina—Thirty couples with 25 years of marriage or more were recognized at the 14th annual UPF-Argentina celebration of the International Day of Families. These meetings took place on June 4 and 8, respectively, at the Spanish Collectivities Federation in Buenos Aires and at the San Clemente del Tuyú’s Retired People’s Center (Buenos Aires Province).

Experiences, memories and anecdotes were shared with joy and excitement. These testimonies focused on values from daily practice and years of living together. They highlighted the need to strengthen the weakened social network through intergenerational bonds naturally formed in the family. Some couples, from different beliefs and provinces, specially highlighted love and spirituality, the presence of God in the heart of this partnership which is considered sacred by various religions.

In Buenos Aires: Horacio Sala & Lydia Fernández (63 years); Gervasio Lagraña & Ada Gómez (61 years of marriage) and Ramón Núñez & María Hilda Lagraña (39 years), Roque Lagraña & Susana Haberle (33 years) and Carmelo Núñez & Isabel Lagraña (31 years); Baldomero Colom & María de los Ángeles Mainardi (55 years); Roberto Vestilleiro & Adela Yebara (50 years); Jorge Arregui & Alicia Chiambaretta (49 years); Solano Zambrano & Hilda Rosario Flores (43 years); Martin Luque & Nancy Díaz and Felipe Serra & Adriana Muñoz (38 years); Carlos Rivero Semik & Luba Opeka (36 years); Edgardo Musi & Elcylena De Souza Ausier (34 years); Cesáreo Esparza & Ivone Badía (26 years); and Jorge Murane & Cristina Chehuan (25 years).

And in San Clemente, recognized couples were: José Cánepa & Elizabeth Roggero (61 years of marriage); Estéfano Almasia & Edda Falkenmeyer (53 years); José Galván & Nélida Gutiérrez (50 years); Sergio Weihmuller & Norma Lechuga (47 years); Alberto Petigrosso & Elsa Yzuel (44 years); Ángel Verri & Aida Sarza, Juan Rodríguez & Susana Bauzada and Osvaldo Souto & Beatriz García (42 years); Rogelio Escobar & Patricia Villa (39 years); Juan Pastorino & María Del Rosario Garzón and Alberto Casso & María Del Carmen Bouzón (35 years); Jorge Kuzetzov & Rosa García (31 years); Carlos Wasilczuk & Silvia Rearte (28 years); Jorge González & María Alicia Villarruel (27 years); and Carlos Palacios & María Josefa Padilla (25 years).

These couples and families were recommended mostly by Ambassadors for Peace who officiated as godfathers or godmothers and helped giving the diplomas. “For promoting, with their life testimony of so many years of marriage, an example of commitment to values of altruism, mutual respect and dialogue, solidarity, cooperation, empathy and patience, love and family: a natural supportive network for the growth, education and protection of children’s rights, school of coexistence, fundamental unit of society, and divine institution; intergenerational bond that offers a foundation for community, national and global peace” is the inscription on the diploma signed by Carlos Varga and Miguel Werner, director and president of UPF-Argentina, respectively.

It is worth remembering that the International Day of Families was established in 1993 by UN’s General Assembly Resolution and is celebrated every year “to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase the knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.” On this occasion, UPF-Argentina spreads a Declaration, reaffirming family values as one of the foundations for social, community and global peace (1).

City of Buenos Aires

The celebration in Buenos Aires was held during the monthly Ambassadors for Peace meeting (2). Benito Blanco Álvarez, president of the Spanish Societies Federation in Argentina, gave welcoming remarks as host, before an auditorium with more than 100 participants. It was a beautiful, wide hall located at 9 de Julio Avenue, the center of the capital. Opening the event was singer and composer Mauro Galeppi, who performed two songs with his guitar. Also shared was a video review on the celebration and recognitions of the 2021 International Day of Families organized by UPF-Argentina with Rotary Club Merlo Norte, back then through virtual platform (3).

Diplomas were given by Ambassadors for Peace Juan Varga and his wife Zete Dourado, who represented UPF-Argentina’s director and president of the Family Federation in Argentina, Carlos Varga. Also, Emanuel Sayavedra, secretary general of UPF-Argentina and president of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP); Rosetta Conti, member of UPF-Argentina’s governing board and president of WFWP-Argentina; and Julio Nardini, Argentinian representative of UPF-International’s Global Peace Council and representative of IAAP-Argentina. They congratulated all couples and families, and expressed their admiration and hope after the testimonies.

Before the recognition ceremony, pictures were shown of every couple and family, with scenes that went from their initial relationship to their marriage, with children and family meetings, trips and recreation. Mostly, those were moments of joy and affection. A review was read about each marriage and family, mostly from the city and province of Buenos Aires. Two of them were from Northern Argentina.

One of the emotional testimonies was a video of the couple Solano Zambrano & Hilda Flores, from Jujuy Province, whose diploma was received by their daughter, Ambassador for Peace Luciana Zambrano. Meanwhile, José Ochoa and Rosario Rodas received the certificates of Gervasio Lagraña & Ada Gómez from Corrientes Province who were married for more than 25 years,. They introduced this family, which they have known for almost three decades, consisting of five children, 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren: “An example of humility and community service,” “consisting of and united by unbreakable bonds.”

Singer and creator of the “Music Nights for Peace” initiative, Ambassador for Peace Makenna Zambonini, performed “Brindis” (4) and “Quédate a mi lado” (5). It was an homage to couples and families, accompanied by Mauro Galeppi on the guitar, and both shared their great artistic sensitivity and heart if service, cheered by the audience.

As in the monthly Ambassadors for Peace meeting held in May at the Merchant Marine University, which initiated the return of on-site meetings, Ambassador for Peace certificates were given for the years 2020-2021 (6). On this occasion, the recipients were Ailén Marquesano, volunteer in different organizations, such as YSP-Argentina, and a member of UPF-Argentina’s staff; and solidary ultra-marathonist Sebastián Armenault, who donates to hospitals, geriatric centers, canteens and schools for every kilometer traveled, along with companies that support his project. His message is always: “Overcoming is to win,” even if he finishes in last place. His medals: the quantity of donations he gives. That is why he feels like the champion of the world (7).

Before closing the event, journalist Adrián De Angelis, representative of IMAP-Argentina, invited everyone to join the opening of the 2022 Interview Series, with Rosetta Conti, on the 30th anniversary of WFWP, through UPF-Argentina’s YouTube channel. The corollary was a toast “for the family and for Peace” made by Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina, and his wife Alba Luz Tangarife, who officiated as emcees. They were accompanied by the couples and Ambassadors for Peace, who surrounded a big celebration cake, which was shared in a cheerful family environment.

San Clemente del Tuyú

Certificates in San Clemente del Tuyú were given by Miguel Werner and his wife, Alba Luz Tangarife, along with Ambassador for Peace Marta Formichella and her husband Luis Sotto, coordinators of the third edition of the celebration of the International Day of Families at the seaside city 330 km away from the Argentinian capital (8).

Besides the emotional life testimonies of every couple, there were two equally significant moments: when the couples renewed their marriage vows with a prayer given by Father Julio Aguiar, Catholic priest from the San Clemente Church; and the auspicious gesture of friendship and longing of peace manifested with words and a greeting between Jorge Kuznetzov, Honorable Consul from the Russian Federation, and Gladis Nyszczczuk, third generation of Ukrainians in San Clemente del Tuyú.

During the meeting, a certificate of appreciation was presented to the president of the Retired People’s Center of San Clemente, Héctor Narcisi, for providing the beautifully decorated location. Mr. Narcisi opened the event by welcoming everyone, followed by part of the governing board. His wife, Norma Altamira, the emcee of this ceremony along with Marta Formichella, received the book Mother of Peace, autobiography of UPF Co-founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

It was a cloudy, cold day, but full of light and family warmth. We were entertained by the dances of the Academia Salsa y Sentimiento, directed by Gerardo Ruso, and the folk-dance duet Quiost, performed by Ariel Agustín Quiroz and Claudia Oesterrieth (9). The artistic section ended with Susana Bauzada, who performed with her warm voice, “Himno al amor” (10) and “A mi manera.

Reports on the Internet “Sembrar Valores”:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce66YLCJr55/


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