UN International Day of Families 2021

UPF-Argentina and Rotary Club Observes International Day of Families

Argentina-2021-05-15-UPF-Argentina Honors International Day of Families With the Rotary Club


Argentina—On May 15, UPF-Argentina celebrated the UN International Day of Families 2021 (1), in cooperation with the Rotary Club Merlo Norte, in an online meeting with more than 100 participants. The purpose was to recognize nine couples married for more than 25 years, providing emotional moments where people shared life testimonies and victorius experiences, cheerful anecdotes, and so forth. (2)

The recognized couples were (3): Hugo Daniel Kelly and Iris Margarita Balduzzi (28 years of marriage. Godparents: Norma and Oscar Kelly); Javier Edgardo Martínez and Viviana Emilce Petitti (31 years. Godparents: Alicia and Pedro Doldan); Esteban G. Segura and María F. Casalia (31 years. Godparents: Noemí and Pedro Segura); Jorge L. Rodríguez and Claudia Paladino (35 years. Godparents: Marta and Antonio Martínez); Fernando Antonio Suavet and Viviana Cecilia Fiocchi (36 years. Godparents: Noemí and Pedro Segura); Walter Omar Smidt and Silvia Beatriz Díaz (39 years. Godparents: Elisa and Eduardo Pizzoni); Sergio Oscar Girotti and Nora Luján Berjano (44 years. Godparents: Betty and Antonio Damiano); Pedro Francisco Vidal and Ema Noemí Rossi Ferrari (50 years. Godparents: Noemí and Pedro Segura); and Antonio Grillo and Blanca M. Vinciguerra (50 years. Godparents: Flora and Magencio Costela).

At the beginning, Carlos Varga, director of UPF-Argentina and president of FFWPU-Argentina, gave a message recalling “the divine foundation of families,” “on which we should sustain all human beings’ organizations and bonds,” he affirmed. The family “is the first school where we learn to know, respect and love each other. This is a place to understand others, to share, to practice altruism, to know we are not alone, that we are always surrounded by others; that we are social,” he exemplified. “This is what will allow us to live in society and all levels: school, work, the club,” he expressed with his wife, Laura Correa.

Rotary Club President Enrique Vitale offered the formal opening of the event. A few words were given by the coordinator of this round of recognitions, Ambassador for Peace Pedro Segura, executive secretary of the Rotary Club Merlo Norte and president of the Rotary Foundation Committee, who is formerly governor of the district and current member of the District 4905 Consulting Committee.

At the end of the recognitions, we raffled a painting by the outstanding artist and Ambassador for Peace Alejandro Costas (4). The winner was the couple Pedro Vidal and Ema Rossi, who received the piece named “Ardientes y sorprendidos,” where it shows the profiles of a man and a woman blended in with flames. The event closed with a toast “for family and peace,” in the charge of Orlando Morete, elected governor 2021–2022 of Rotary District 4905, along with his wife Graciela Rossi.

Previously, we shared a video of the 2019 International Day of Families celebration with Rotary Club Merlo Norte, founded in 1984 and a pioneer in South America for incorporating women in the club. It is also a pioneer in organizing this celebration with UPF in Argentina (5). We also read the supporting letters and greetings, in the charge of the emcees Alba Luz Tangarife and Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina (6). The artistic section included two songs performed by Jorge Rodríguez’s group, one of the recognized families. The songs were “Here Comes the Sun” (The Beatles) and “Telephone Line” (ELO).

This was the 13th edition of recognitions given by UPF-Argentina every year on this date since 2009, and the second one with Rotary Club Merlo Norte, whose motto is “Friendship With No Borders” and is part of District 4905, which includes more than 120 Rotary Clubs of Northern Buenos Aires.

Through these events, UPF-Argentina seeks to strengthen intergenerational bonds, emphasizing the commitment considered sacred by the different spiritual traditions, essential for the education and support of children. One of UPF’s lines of action is to promote family values and revitalize the social network and community spirit for the common good.


1) The International Day of Families was established in 1993 by a UN General Assembly Resolution, and it is celebrated every May 15 “to raise awareness on the fundamental role of families in the education of children since their early childhood, and the permanent learning opportunities that exist for children and young people.”

2) Recording of the International Day of Families 2021 celebration:


3) Content of the recognition diploma: “For promoting, with their life testimony and many years of marriage, an example of commitment to values of altruism, mutual respect and dialogue, solidarity and cooperation, empathy and patience, love and family: a natural support network for the growth, education and protection of children’s rights, school of coexistence, fundamental unit of society and divine institution; intergenerational bond that provides a foundation for community, national and global peace.”

4) Reference and artwork by painter Alejandro Costas:


5) Review video on the 2019 International Day of Families celebration:


6) Greetings and supports: Ambassador for Peace Susana Segovia, Public Relations of Scientology Argentina / San Martín Cultural Association and Housewives, Users and Consumers League from La Costa Partido, Province of Buenos Aires, presided by Marta Formichella, Ambassador for Peace / Rotary Club of Parque de los Patricios, President Horacio Daboul, Ambassador for Peace / FUND.ART.E.S: Arts, Education and Health for the recovery of Values and Peace; presided over by Ambassador for Peace Lucrecia Potenza.

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