UN International Day of Families 2018

International Day of Families Observed in Denmark

Denmark-2018-05-27-International Day of Families Observed in Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark—Approximately 200 people attended a UPF celebration of UN International Day of Families 2018, held at UN City.

The audience at the May 27 event included Ambassadors for Peace, peace activists, performing artists and others interested in family issues, including many families with children.

In the first session, five prominent speakers gave presentations on family issues and the importance of the family in society. Their topics gave the participants an understanding of the importance of the family in creating peace and building a sustainable future.

A band and singer provided by the city government’s Department for Sustainable Development led the audience in singing an original song about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mammadli Ayan Eyvaz, a young, internationally renowned pianist from Azerbaijan, played piano. At only 15 years of age, she already has received numerous first prizes in piano competitions all over the world. The audience was awestruck by her skills.

During a short break refreshments were provided. The Municipality of Copenhagen offered sustainable food for the future—roasted insects. Many people gathered around and tasted them.

After the break there was a cultural program with music, songs and dances performed mostly by children and young adults. Twelve soloists and groups from Nepal, Azerbaijan, Russia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Denmark offered high-level performances whose themes mostly were related to family issues. At the end all the participants joined hands and the performing artists led us in a large chain dance, before everyone gathered for a family photo.

The event was very successful. At first we felt it was a big challenge to talk about family values, because traditional family values have become very weak in Denmark. However, we were able to bring family issues on the agenda in a way that many people could accept. Also this time we worked together with two other organizations and representatives from the Municipality of Copenhagen.

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