UN International Day of Families 2013

Day of Families Observed in Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova - Presentations about preparing for marriage and a concert with music on the theme of the family honored the UN International Day of Families in Chisinau.

Republican Construction College

How can today’s youth prepare for marriage? was the main theme of the presentation of the International Educational Foundation of Moldova at the Republican Construction College on the occasion of the UN International Day of Families.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Chisinau Central District Public Administration. The lecture was attended by over 180 students and five teachers. The students were attentive listeners, despite the afternoon tiredness. In the informal atmosphere of the interactive approach, challenging questions about the value of sex, marriage, family, relationships, and better ways to prepare for future responsibility as parents were addressed. Students had an opportunity to submit questions via their mobile phone directly to the presenter's phone.

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Many students approached the presenter afterwards for questions and to purchase the International Educational Foundation student textbook “My World and I, Way of Love” as a good support for those who are considering seriously the need to prepare for a happy marriage in the future and a healthy family.

The cooperation with Local Public Administration of the central district of the capital city will continue throughout the week and the year ahead with other lecture presentations for youth and more activities related to the UN theme of "Advancing Social Integration and Intergenerational Solidarity."

Concert at the City Hall

The same day, a concert dedicated to the UN International Day of Families took place under motto “Family Creates Values – Values Create Family.” The concert was organized by the City Hall of Chisinau and was sponsored by UPF, the Family Federation for World Peace, and other NGOs. Famous artists and singers prepared a wonderful program. Through their art, they emphasized the importance of family values for children and for employees of the City Hall and the government ministries who attended the concert (around 400 people). Heads of City Hall agencies spoke about the sacredness of the family and stressed that society needs strong and healthy families.

Famous artists dedicated their songs to employees of the orphanage, social workers, and large families, as well as to fathers and mothers.  

Talented youth of Moldova sang about their dream to become a parent, their desire to witness model families, their concern children growing up without parents, and their conviction that the family is the anchor of meaning in their life. Participants learned about UPF activities in Moldova through displays in the lobby and printed information.

Polytechnic College

On May 17, with the support of the Chisinau Local Administration, a presentation was given 190 college students ages 16-18. Students learned about the role of the family in learning about love, growing through four spheres of heart. A special emphasis was placed on the value of purity before marriage as essential for personal growth, building healthy relationships, and preparing for future married life and parenting.

The role-playing game “Better half” (boys and girls searching for their correct match with half of an apple) stimulated the youth to think more about their spiritual and physical purity and integrity. The lecturer challenged the audience with a question about to whom the most important organ of the human body belongs. The explanation of why this is the most important organ changed the initial laughter into deep reflection and serious consideration about their decisions and actions.

The Vice Principal for Education Mr. Iovitsa, thanked International Educational Foundation team for providing regular educational presentations for their students. Students submitted reflections after the presentation. Comments included:

“I liked very much your presentation. But I disagree with the statement that our sexual organ doesn’t belong to us. I think we have to decide and guide ourselves in the way we use it.” - Maxim

“Why this lecture wasn’t given to us earlier?” - Anonymous

“Thank you for the lesson and your time, I’ve learned many new things. I’m sorry for my colleagues who I hope will understand the value of today's presentation before it's too late ” - Vladimir

“It is good thing, the work you do; thank you for waking us up to our true self and be strong standing for what we believe in and cherish, love, parents, friends, family.” - Daniel

“The main idea of the presentation is very good, but it goes against the popular trend to be more experienced in sex; thank you for challenging this and making us think and act differently.” - Anonymous

“I agree wholeheartedly that there is not easy way to gain something true and worthy in life.” - Ion

Slavonic University

A presentation about the International Day of Families was given to students at the Slavonic University on May 20.

UN Day of Families 2013 from Universal Peace Federation International

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