Day of Families Observed in Caracas

Venezuela-2011-05-15-Day of Families Observed in Caracas


Caracas, Venezuela - About 130 attendees packed the main hall of the Torre Credicard in Chacaíto, Caracas, for a celebration of the International Day of Families on May 15.  Political, religious, and social leaders as well as families and youth enjoyed the program sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation and Ms. Melba Sanchez, who provided the room and refreshments for the event.

The event began with a message of social awareness and exaltation of the institution of the family by the President of the Metropolitan Council, Councilor Max Sanchez. Then a video was shown about the UPF international founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, proposing a chamber of religious leaders to balance the interests, projects, and decisions of the UN, in order to consider spiritual perspectives along with political approaches. The video was introduced by Dr. Maria Gabriela Tomasini, president of the Women's Federation for World Peace of Venezuela.

Next, the 20-year-old Daniel Gonzalez-Delli, UPF Leader of the Capital District, Caracas, addressed the audience with an extraordinary lecture on the family as an incorruptible school. He presented a new proposal for a profound transformation of our society and political and social systems, through the restoration of the spiritual values ​​of God-centered families, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. His dissertation overflowed with intelligence, emotion, and youthful energy, challenging the audience to make a profound change of paradigms and behavior for the unity and peace of the country. Then, the young Juan Quintana, leader of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles-Venezuela, read the UPF Declaration of Families.

The highlight was the awarding of the Medal of Peace in the Family to distinguish the effort and love invested by couples with more than 20 years of marriage. Sixteen families were honored with this medal, and their children were those who delivered it to the parents. It was a moment of sublime emotion. We heard testimonies of couples with 40 to 50 years of life together expressing deep reflections on the secret to staying together for so long. All agreed that the keys to successful marriage are love, communication, and fidelity.

Finally, the UPF acknowledged the work and the path towards peace by various leaders of society with certificates of Ambassador for Peace. Noticeable was the applause of many young people for Mrs. Ligia del Gallego when she got her recognition. She has lent to UPF her country home for more than 40 youth seminars in Paracotos over the last three years.

These certificates were delivered with the assistance of other Ambassadors for Peace: Ms. Melba Sanchez, who addressed the crowd extolling the importance of youth in the transformation of the country; Ms. Isabel Ortega, Wayú leader, a great friend and collaborator of UPF; Ms. Sandra Gil, from Venechamos Foundation; and the extraordinary motivator, Mr. Mario Gluzman, who graciously shared emotional words.

This experience in itself encouraged participants to defend and develop their families as key institutions in the transformation of societies into realms of peace where selfishness can quickly turn into altruism, where the world will gradually become one big family under the tutelage of God.

Families honored with the Medal of Peace in the Family, with the number of years they have been married were: Genaro & Saturnina González (50), José & María Betancourt (48), Fernando & Rosario Ibarra (41), José & Celina Reyes (38), Carlos & Magaly Quintero (38), Brígido & Marci Barrios (30), Carter & Ángela Sánchez (26), Manuel & María Salas (25), Víctor & Alicia Pérez (25), Estéfano & María Cava (21), Jesús & Iraida Díaz (21), Herwin & Yenny Carreño (20), Carlos & Arcelia González (20), and José & Dulce Rivas (20).

Leaders appointed Ambassadors for Peace were: Metropolitan Councilor: Max Sánchez, Baruta Councilman: Victor Perez, Hatillo Councilman: José Gregorio Fuentes, Mr. Armando Machado, Ms. Ligia del Gallego, and Mr. Elba Vaamonde. Two people received recognition as Youth Ambassadors for Peace: Miguel Romero, Founder of Genial Group in Coro, and Claudio Hernandez, bass soloist of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra.

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