Day of Families Observed in Lusaka

Zambia-2011-05-14-Day of Families Observed in Lusaka

Lusaka, Zambia - UPF-Zambia observed the UN International Day of Families on May 14 in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The event took place in the hall of the Peace Embassy Building. The celebration gathered about 35 people from different fields: Ambassadors for Peace, teachers, students, clergymen, business people, couples, and members of UPF-Zambia.

The theme of this year is: “Addressing Poverty by Strengthening Families.” The event began with a video about different activities of UPF in year 2010. Then the celebration was opened by a prayer given by Mrs. Fanny Njobvu from the Zambia Widows Network Association. Then the moderator, Mr. Crispin Mwangana, called upon the representative of the UN, Mr. Charles Nonde, who is Team Assistant at the United Nations Information Centre, to deliver the keynote message of United Nations Secretary-General on the Day of Families. The message was received with big applause from the audience.

The Chairman of UPF-Zambia, Rt. Hon. Gen. Malimba N. Masheke, in his opening remarks emphasized the need to fight together to reduce poverty. He added that all the families and the institutions must join hands to alleviate poverty. He also said that people must live for the sake of others by sharing with each other the little they have. He concluded his remarks by saying that, “The family is a school of love, education, and character, and it is the biggest university in which all the members of the family learn how to love each other.”

The Secretary General of UPF-Zambia, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the topic: “The Family as the School of Love.” In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of fidelity in the couple relationship and purity among children, because they promote harmony and peace within the family. He also explained to the audience, which listened attentively, that selfishness is one of the causes of poverty. In concluding his presentation, he said that if human beings want to live in a world without poverty, each individual must live for the sake of others.

After the PowerPoint presentation, time was given to participants to express their views through a question-and-answer session. Most of the questions concerned how to reduce or eliminate poverty in the family, the activities of United Nations, and different United Nations’ celebrations, particularly the Day of Families which was being celebrated. To respond to the question on how to reduce poverty, Secretary General Rev. Faerber emphasized the altruistic life, in other words, living for the sake of others, as the key to reduce poverty from the individual level up to the worldwide level.

One of the questions about the activities of the United Nations was addressed to the representative, Mr. Charles Nonde, who replied that the United Nations has been working in partnership with other institutions and organizations in order to execute its programs. He explained about the role which the United Nations Information Centre plays, especially to disseminate information to the news media. He also gave the example of its library, which is open the public who wish to consult its contents or do research through the electronic library. And finally, he said that the center is conducting some activities which encourage and help schools and other institutions in various fields.

After the series of questions and answers, the UPF Declaration on Families was read by one participant.

In his closing remarks, Rev. Faerber thanked the representative of United Nations and all the participants for coming despite their busy schedules. He also reminded the participants about the motto of Life for the Sake of Others, advocated by the Universal Peace Federation and its founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Finally, he said that humanity has lost its position as children of God and became divided; they need to come back together and consider themselves as one Family Under God.

Participants were entertained through the singing by a group of women from the Zambia Widows Network Association.

After a closing prayer was given, a group photo and finally refreshments concluded the celebration.

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