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Day of Families Observed in Buenos Aires

Argentina-2011-05-12-Day of Families Observed in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, Argentina - A moving celebration of recognition to couples who have been married more than 25 years was held on May 12 in Buenos Aires by the Universal Peace Federation, in support of the International Day of Families. Dialogue, comprehension, communication, patience, tolerance, faith, love, and God were mentioned as fundamental values by the couples as they shared some experiences of their lives.

Other activities included launching the international poetry contest and appointment of Ambassadors for Peace.

One of the couples was about to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years of marriage), and another couple will celebrate their 60th anniversary on August 16. They were a resounding testimony of the love bond being strengthened with the passing of the years and transcending all difficulties. There were mystical moments when memories and anecdotes were combined with tears and funny situations. There was also romance, because previous to the delivery of each of the nine diplomas, the husband gave a rose to his wife.

“Family: A foundation for social peace” was the title of the lecture introduced at the beginning by Carlos Varga, President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Argentine chapter. He expressed the advantages of growing in a harmonious family environment, “for the character and the heart”, “the first place for the training of the social and emotional relationships, where values and rules are incorporated enabling people to become good citizens”. The importance of a family as a “social organizer” and to forge, from the emotional stability, success in work and finances. Also about the value of sexuality, the necessity of preparation for marriage and the consequences of the so-called “sexual revolution”. He also referred to some surveys, such as the one made by Arnold Toynbee (History Survey), which points out that “among the most notable 21 civilizations in history, 19 perished, not by being conquered, but by their internal decadence”. He concluded with quotations from different spiritual traditions that highlight the matrimonial bond and the family as the “beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven”.

During the gathering, three couples were nominated as Ambassadors for Peace, in line with the values that were highlighted at the celebration and for their outstanding leadership in different areas of society: such as communication and education, service and care for elderly people, and the communitarian commitment to public safety. Their careers were reported briefly by Horacio Daboul, President of the Rotary Club of Parque de los Patricios, and by the Prof. Gloria Dantas, Master of Ceremonies.

It was also an appropriate occasion for the presentation of the One Million Signatures Campaign "to promote values at schools”, which is in concordance with Article 39 of the National Constitution, which contemplates the creation of laws from popular initiative. This law proposes that “essential values” be taught as a compulsory part of the educational syllabus, from kindergarten up to high school. It is a joint activity that UPF-Argentina has promoted since 2008 in alliance with the radio program “Cultural Passport” and other organizations. The journalist Mariela Spangenberg, host of the radio program, presented briefly the initiative and introduced an advertising spot for the campaign that was broadcast by different TV channels.

Various salutations were received, some from poets from other provinces in Argentina, since the occasion was also the official launch of the International Poetry Contest “Global Family: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”, organized by UPF-Argentina in support of the International Year of Youth. The Jury is composed of outstanding people and has as its godmother the Brazilian poet Marina Fagundes Coello, a bilingual writer of remarkable cultural experiences in South America and member of various literary circles in the area (Bases of the International Poetic Contest 2011).

The choir of teenagers and young people of the Family Federation, made up of in large scale by children of international marriages, created a warm atmosphere at the beginning and end of the celebration. They interpreted “Wisdom Books, “Culture of the Heart,” and “World of Peace”. At the end there was a toast “for marriage and family” together with the couples who were being honored, the newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace. and the audience in general. The words in keeping with the celebration were shared by Luis D’Angelo, member of the Global Peace Council of UPF International.

During the meeting the Message of the UN Secretary-General for the International Day of Families was shared, which this year had as its motto “Confronting family poverty and social exclusion.” It was read by Alejandro D’Alessandro, host of the radio Program “With No Frontiers”. It is worth mentioning that the date was established by the international organization in 1993 “with the purpose of creating a greater conscience in matters related to the family and to improve the institutional capacity of the nations to face, through the application of better politics, problems related to the family”.

Translator: Prof. Gloria Dantas

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