UN Global Day of Parents 2020

Global Day of Parents Observed in Czech Republic

Czech-2020-06-01-Global Day of Parents Observed in Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic—“The Irreplaceable Role of Parents” was the topic of an online conference held in honor of Global Day of Parents.

The role of parents often is underappreciated in society. However, parents play a key role in the family. Their unselfish and sacrificial love and their lifelong commitment to raise their children often are neglected. Parents play a key role in the education of ethical and moral values.

Four prominent speakers presented their views during the June 1, 2020, conference.:

Hon. Marek Benda, a current member of the Czech Parliament.

Hon. Nina Nováková, a former member of the Czech Parliament and the chair of the Central European Inspiration, an NGO that she founded.

Mrs. Klára Rulíková, the founder and president of the Club of Twins and Multiples.

Mgr. Martin Slezák, vice president of the Czech chapter of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), an organization that is affiliated with UPF.

Hon. Marek Benda mentioned his father, a prominent dissident who was persecuted during the communist time. His father always mentioned the importance of the family, Mr. Benda recalled. We cannot question the role of parents in the family, he said. Marriage and family are so fundamental in society that we cannot neglect it. The family is a fruitful bond of love that is based on relationships, not on law, Mr. Benda said.

Hon. Nina Nováková said that even though the world is constantly changing, some values endure, namely the family and the role of parents. Unfortunately, the value of parents is not sufficiently recognized by society. To be a good parent means to have a certain qualification for this role, she said. Children do not belong to the state. If we destroy the family, the state also will be destroyed, she said.

Klára Rulíková pointed out that we were not educated how to become good parents. People do not focus on developing their relations. We need to explain to children how to communicate. Our society is too individualistic. The state supports individuals, not families. No child will say that he or she does not want a family. We need to change ourselves, she said.

The final speaker, Martin Slezák, said that parental love is unconditional and unselfish. Parental love is at the root of the development of the child’s personality. From the viewpoint of the lineage, grandparents are also important. Parental love is important for the development and self-confidence of the child. Parents show children what is good and evil and educate their conscience, Mr. Slezák said.

A short discussion followed the presentations, and the panelists had the chance to answer questions from the participants. All the panelists said they appreciated the online conference and many responses of the participants were also positive.

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