UN Global Day of Parents 2013

Global Day of Parents Observed in Moldova


In the central park of Chisinau's Center for Children and Youth, ARTICO organized a concert, sports, games, and other entertainment on June 1. The event was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and UNICEF Moldova.

Universal Peace Federation, in agreement with the center ARTICO, contributed to the festivities by distributing gifts of 80 toys to the children. Parents, in turn, became acquainted with the activities of the Universal Peace Federation in Moldova through booklets and calendars, as well as a mini presentation about family values given by UPF volunteers.

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At the same time, another event took place in the UPF Moldova office. UPF together with the Family Federation in Moldova organized a training session on "Partnerships" dedicated to the Global Day of Parents. The training brought together both youth and adult participants, both parents and those who are preparing for this important role. Thanks to the role-playing activities, psychodrama, and focused questions, participants were able to engage in deep introspection. And thanks to the transactional analysis approach developed by world-renowned psychologist Eric Berne, the participants were able to diagnose their ego states, which revealed the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their partner, as well as helped them understand the script of their life.

Here are some of the reflections:

"The training awakened in me a storm of emotions associated with memories of childhood (the exercise 'House of Your Childhood') and also forced me to think deeply about why I live  the way I live and why I chose this script of my life. The question posed at the training, 'What happens to people like me?' made me think seriously about the future."

"The strong point of the training is that it shows the way to self-improvement."

"This training has allowed me to test the level of development of my love. It helped me understand my weaknesses and what I need to work on. The information was useful and the presentation was systematic."


UPF-Moldova organized a celebration of the Global Day of Parents on June 4 in the Blue Bird Service Center for Children with Multiple and Severe Disabilities in the town of Hincesti. The highest joy for parents in such situations is for their children will experience joy and positive emotions. Treatment by positive emotions and laughter is under serious investigation these days and is practiced in many countries of the world.

UPF decided to please both children and parents by inviting a great entertainer and magician, Magelino the clown. The program stimulated a flurry of positive emotions in both children and their parents as they both became actively involved in it. The experience of being able to do something magical certainly gives confidence in one's dreams and abilities, which is very important for these children and their parents. At the end of the program clown Magelino distributed from UPF to all the children.

UPF volunteers shared with employees and parents about the UPF's activity and their sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Global Day of Parents. In turn, the Blue Bird service center thanked UPF and invited its members to conduct an educational seminar for the parents of Hîncesti.

Global Day of Parents 2013 from Universal Peace Federation International

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