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UN Global Day of Parents 2013

Ambassadors for Peace in Japan Consider a Peace Vision for Northeast Asia

Tokyo, Japan - In commemoration of the Global Day of Parents on June 1, which was designated by the United Nations last September, UPF-Japan held a series of Leadership Banquets with Ambassadors for Peace and social leaders in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

On May 30, some 250 people, who included members of the Diet and local assemblies, ambassadors, and diplomats stationed in Tokyo, as well as leaders in religions, academia, and business, attended the banquet in Tokyo's Keio Plaza Hotel under the title "Asia, the Pacific Era and the Peace Vision - A Proposal to Japan."

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Representing the Association of Ambassadors for Peace, which was one of the event's organizers, its chairman Hiroo Suzuki made the following remarks: “At a critical juncture for peace in Asia and the world, your endeavors are highly appreciated. The basic unit and the first step for peace must be the family, where good people are raised in sound familial environment."

After showing a video presentation on the UPF’s activities in Japan and the world, the keynote address was given by UPF Japan’s Regional Chair and Senior Advisor to the Association of Ambassadors for Peace, Dr. Yong Cheon Song. Reviewing the rises and falls of civilizations, he predicted a fruition of the pan-Pacific civilization with Japan, South Korea, and the United States of America as its pivotal nations. These three nations which share the universal values such as freedom, democracy, and human rights, he said, should take responsibility for the peace and prosperity of the Pacific Zone.

Further, he asserted that a conventional national education aiming at nurturing patriots will have a limitation in this global age. “We need to invest more to raise the world-loving individuals in good familial foundation,” he said.

Concerning the security and peace in Asia, Dr. Werner Fasslabend, former Defense Minister of the Republic of Austria, who was invited for this series of events, emphasized vital necessity of the strategic alliance among democratic nations in Asia, especially between Japan and South Korea. He proposed a vision of how Japan can take an active role in contributing to world peace.

Another guest of honor, former Japanese ambassador to Myanmar, Turkey, and Madagascar, encouraged the UPF’s endeavors, referring to the UNESCO Constitution’s preamble, which says that since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed. “As the UPF activities are aimed at deeper understanding through eradicating prejudices and misconceptions among different states, nations, cultures, religions, and histories, I do appreciate your objectives as such and hope for more productive operations,” he said.

A Diet member among the participants commented, “As a politician, until now, I have analyzed Japan’s past and present on a national level and have worked toward creating a better future in Japan. I have come to deeply understand the views of UPF founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon that living for the sake of others is the only way for Japan and Northeast Asia to prosper.”

One university professor said afterwards, “I could deeply reflect on the historic responsibility of Japan through Dr. Song’s logical and objective view of the history of civilizations. I particularly sympathized with the content implying how Japan and Korea must transcend their shortsighted national interests and work on building up a partnership for peace in Northeast Asia and the world.”

After the conclusion of the Tokyo event, the warm atmosphere of the first gathering moved on to Nagoya. The June 1 event at the Nagoya Kanko Hotel followed the same format as the one in Tokyo. The event began with around 230 participants, including four members of the Diet, five former Diet members, 15 members of local councils, scholars, businessmen, religious leaders, woman leaders, and leaders of Koreans residing in Japan. Dr. Fasslabend gave a congratulatory address and Dr. Song gave a special lecture. Participants exchanged viewpoints from different fields including politics, economics, diplomacy, military, and academia about the role of Japan in addressing the security issues in Northeast Asia and measures to normalize Japan-Korea relations.

A local assembly chairman expressed his impressions by saying, “I realized the importance of Japanese society accepting these insights as way to transform itself into a country loved by all humanity.”

The last event was held on June 2 in the RIHGA Royal Hotel in Osaka following the same format as the previous events. In attendance were 225 people, including five members of the Diet, a former Diet member, and 22 local assemblymen as well as scholars, businessmen, religious leaders, woman leaders, and leaders of Koreans residing in Japan. One woman leader commented, “I deeply sympathized with the statement that Japan, as an island country, is a globally prominent country symbolizing women and hence must contribute to world peace and human prosperity. I was greatly moved and inspired by the assertion that the opportunity had come for Japan to resolve the conflicts and divisions that male leaders could not resolve by calling on women who can lead through a motherly love.”

Some expressed regret that the events were held only in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, Japan’s three largest cities, and recommended that additional events be organized. 

Global Day of Parents 2013 from Universal Peace Federation International

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