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United Nations Relations

International Day of Peace Celebrated in Chennai

Chennai, India - On September 21, 2007, the Universal Peace Federation and Religious Youth Service in association with the Gandhian Institutions Chennai commemorated the International Day of Peace in Chennai, India.

The Day of Peace was attended by over 300 people interested in peace. Representative peace-lovers from different walks of life participated in and graced the occasion, including ministers and government officials, professors and lawyers, students and social workers.

Twenty-six candles were lit by prominent people as a sign of peace and happiness. The lightning of candles illustrated the desire of all for a new world and expressed their full faith and confidence in making peace a reality. The whole hall was filled with emotion when all the candles were lit.

A Peace Proclamation was read by Mr. W.I. Davaram, DGP of Tamilnadu (ret'd.), inspiring all to re-dedicate themselves for peace and peace initiatives. It was a proclamation for human happiness and solidarity.

”Peace can come only when nations and societies are free and also when human beings everywhere have freedom and security and opportunity. Peace and freedom therefore have to be considered both in their social, political and economic aspects. We have to promote a spirit for peace that can develop and give a new world of peace”.

Many who attended commented on the day and urged everyone to take up the mission to promote peace. "We have to think in terms of a 'common man' in order to preserve and promote peace all over the world," one person said. "We have to fashion our political, social and economic structure so that the common man can think clearly about peace. The remedy lies in every individual and by training himself for a self-expression of peace in every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed and religion."

"Non-violence is the law of the human race and is infinitely greater than and superior to brute force," commended Mr. Navneeth, a student from Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai.

Peace Signature Campaign

Nearly 100,000 people signed peace banners during a Peace Signature Campaign in colleges and universities, schools and other institutions by writing their aspirations for a new world — a world full of peace with promises for the youth to grow in a healthy and loving environment. These banners were displayed at the venue. Religious Youth Serivce and its partners are designing new concepts and strategies to promote peace and understanding especially for youth because the future depends on them.

As a fresh new episode in the history of peace building, RYS Chennai organized the Peace Signature Campaign with 100,000 students in colleges and universities in and around Chennai, agreeing with the need to “live for the sake of others.” Banners displayed in various universities and institutions emphasized altruism as the new paradigm for fomenting peace.

Besides students, RYS Chennai involved professors and teachers in conducting the program in an appropriate manner. Many prominent individuals and organizations participated. The colleges and universities were most cooperative in allowing the Peace Signature Campaign, thus helping to promote a greater awareness of the meaning of “true” peace. This initiative marks the beginning of a new development in India.

Talks were arranged for the students to elaborate on the meaning of peace in today’s world and introduced them to the vision for becoming effective Ambassadors for Peace. Every signature collected enhances the progress towards peace.

RYS-Chennai hopes that this model peace activity will evolve into a worldwide movement toward the realization of global peace - as “One World under God.”

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