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Religious Youth Service

Education, Service, and Sightseeing with Religious Youth Service in Cote d'Ivoire

September 14, 2008

Amanvi, Cote d'Ivoire - A Religious Youth Service project at a school in eastern Cote d'Ivoire Sept. 8-14, 2008, included building a bridge and a house for teachers, visiting local communities and businesses, and sightseeing.


RYS Lays Foundation for Multi-Ethnic School in Colombo

August 30, 2008

Colombo, Sri Lanka – In the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in the midst of impoverishment, a large crowd of people of mixed origins and ages gathered for the ceremony to open the RYS Sri Lanka '08 project - the building of a new preschool, the only one of its kind to accommodate Tamil children with other local children.


Promoting a 'Mosaic Society' in Newark, USA

August 30, 2008

Newark, New Jersey - Religious Youth Service projects in Newark, New Jersey during August 2008 included a basketball fundraiser, Scholars for Ballers, and building a mosaic bench to encourage conversation and understanding at St. Peter's Recreation Center.


"Fixabroko" - Repairing the Broken in Suriname through Religious Youth Service

August 26, 2008

Brokopondo, Suriname - Twenty-one Religious Youth Service participants spent Aug. 15-26, 2008 clearing bush and debris from the war-torn community of Brokopondo, clearing a path to a multipurpose court which had also been abandoned since the time of the military coup in 1980, and restoring playground equipment.


RYS Participants' Testimonies about their experience in Suriname

August 26, 2008

Brokopondo, Suriname - Testimonies from two Religious Youth Service participants about their experience in Brokopondo, Suriname.


Kerim Tseney Speaks for Ghanan Environmental Initiative

July 27, 2008

Asofa, Ghana – Kerim Tseney was honored by the management and directorate of a Ghanaian NGO - Peoples Environment Culture and Tourism (PECAT) to give a talk titled "The Role of RYS in Community Development" during the launching of the "Green and Clean Initiative," at Harlem International School Complex, in Asofa, a suburb of Accra.


Religious Youth Service Honors the Religious Mosaic of the Netherlands

July 17, 2008

Utrecht, Netherlands - An intercultural youth project brought national and international participants to a Moroccan and Turkish immigrant section of Utrecht to help promote integration of immigrants into the Dutch culture July 7-17, 2008.


Religious Youth Service Helps Schools in Antigua, Guatemala

July 12, 2008

Antigua, Guatemala - Global Peacemakers and Religious Youth Service organized a project in Antigua, Guatemala, July 1-11, 2008 that included learning peacebuilding skills, doing light construction work at a school and visiting historic sites.


Religious Youth Service Alumni Lead Service Programs in Southern Honduras

June 21, 2008

Two alumni of Religious Youth Service organized programs for middle school students in Choluteca, Honduras June 20-21, 2008, that included HIV/AIDS prevention education and planting 300 trees to counter deforestation.


RYS Joins Jamaican Community in Creating Plant Nursery

May 23, 2008

Portland, Jamaica - RYS joined hundreds of students and community members in Jamaica to celebrate the National Labor Day Project, May 23. The group worked tirelessly to plant over 500 vegetable 12 seedlings and 70 fruit trees, as well as to erect a greenhouse shed at the Buff Bay High School in Portland.


Religious Youth Service Trains Leaders in Indonesia

April 27, 2008

Indonesia - Sixty volunteers took part in a Global Youth Service Day project April 23-27, 2008, in Indonesia, sponsored in part by Religious Youth Service, that included leadership training, visits to religious sites, building a multifunction hall and organizing a cultural evening.


RYS Puts Their "Peace" In at Montclair State University

April 22, 2008

Montclair, New Jersey, United States  Students at Montclair State University took part in an RYS project in conjunction with Service for Peace’s “Peace on Earth Day” celebration, which was highlighted by the unveiling of their Mosaic Peace Bench. 


Religious Youth Service Promotes Harmony in Elubo, Ghana

April 3, 2008

Elubo, Ghana - By the conclusion of a Religious Youth Service project March 21-April 3, 2008, that included building a canteen for students at a school in Elubo, American and European volunteers had learned to sing local songs including the traditional national anthem in the vernacular - "Yen Ara Ya Asase Ni."


Training Religious Youth Service Leaders in the Netherlands

March 19, 2008

Netherlands - Seeking to pass on the Religious Youth Service methodology to a younger generation of leaders, a "Train the Trainers" program was led by Drs. Ron and Sherry Hartman-Burr in cooperation with Carol Pobanz at a university in the Netherlands March 16-19, 2008.


Religious Youth Service Promotes Positive Change in Chennai, India

March 7, 2008

Chennai, India - Religious Youth Service's 2008 project in India, “I Can Change,” targeted renovation to a hostel which houses young underprivileged girls. The building, which is more than 100 years old, was in bad condition. The 30 enthusiastic participants did a great job renovating the building, giving it a much needed facelift.


Religious Youth Service Works with Faith Link on Jerusalem Project

February 24, 2008

Jerusalem - A joint project between Religious Youth Service and Faith Link in Jerusalem Feb. 12-24, 2008, had a good mix of youth representing Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Unificationism and atheism.


Religious Youth Service Trainer Teaches Australian Youth about Peacebuilding

February 8, 2008

Perth, Australia – Fazida Razak, a member of the Religious Youth Service Global Management Team, spoke to teachers and students  at St John XXIII School in Perth, Australia, on Feb. 8, 2008 about her work with Religious Youth Service and the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival.


Lasting Impact of Religious Youth Service Reported in Ghana

January 15, 2008

Ghana – Four years after a Religious Youth Service project at the Wieja Leprosarium and Pantang psychiatric hospital in Ghana, RYS received reports that other religious bodies and NGOs are continuing the tradition of service by visiting and interacting with the patients there.


RYS 2008 National and International Projects Review

January 1, 2008

RYS Annual Report 2008Through the work of our dedicated project developers and educators, the RYS social service learning experience was shared with many new people around the world. This year we have given special attention to expand our project developer and “Train the Trainers” seminars aiming at educating more people in the RYS methodology.


Religious Youth Service Builds a Classroom at a Cambodian School

December 26, 2007

Participants in a Religious Youth Service project at the Qamaruddin Al-Islamiyan School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Dec. 23-27, 2007, built an additional classroom, repainted the inside and outside of classrooms, and installed new toilets as well as visiting places of worship.