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Ambassadors for Peace

Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr. Video

March 4, 2008

The UPF is working to develop an interreligious peace council at the UN. Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr., former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, discussed this with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


Magazine Editor Honored Honored for Instilling Values in Youth

March 1, 2008

Kathmandu, Nepal - The Universal Peace Federation and its affiliate organization, the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) acknowledged Santosh Shah, the publisher and editor of Today’s Youth Asia magazine as Youth Ambassador for Peace on March 1, 2008 in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Ambassadors for Peace at Work

January 26, 2008

Around 25 Ambassadors for Peace attended a brainstorming session organized by UPF-France on January 26, 2008 in Paris. The main purpose was to launch working committees to prepare for the Global Peace Festival to be held in Paris in September.


12 New Ambassadors for Peace Appointed

January 17, 2008

On January 17 UPF-Cote d’Ivoire held a welcoming ceremony for the Ambassadors for Peace who received their appointments on December 27, 2007. The venue was the prestigious District Hall in Abidjan.


Helping Earthquake Survivors in Southern Peru

January 2, 2008

Chincha, Peru - Ambassadors for Peace in Peru were very busy in December 2007, taking the opportunity of this season of goodwill to visit some of the most deprived areas of Peru to bring them support and hope for the future


UK Doctor Proposes a Holy Land Medical Project

December 31, 2007

Plans for a collaborative health care project are evolving out of the Middle East Peace Initiative fact-finding trips. Participants in a European MEPI fact-finding tour visited the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem in 2007.


E. Glaubach: Proposal for a Peace Zone Fishery on the Gaza-Israel Coast

December 9, 2007

I propose that a fishery be built on the seashore border between the Gaza Strip and Israel as a joint venture between investors and the Israeli and Palestinian authorities. Such project will serve the common interests of all sides and have economic and political benefits.


Komlan Mally Appointed Prime Minister of Togo

December 3, 2007

Ambassador for Peace, Mr. Komlan MallyCongratulations to UPF Ambassador for Peace Mr. Komlan Mally on his recent appointment as the new Prime Minister of Togo on December 03, 2007.



Leading Ambassadors for Peace Appointed in Haiti

November 24, 2007

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Leading Ambassadors for Peace in Haiti include former presidents Mrs. Ertha Pascal Trouillot, Carmelien Joseph Nerette, and Alexandre Boniface.


In Memoriam: Laxmi Mall Singhvi

November 16, 2007

In the sad demise of Shri Laxmi Mall Singhvi, the nation - nay, the world - has not only lost a renowned scholar, distinguished diplomat, prominent parliamentarian and jurist but also a vociferous votary and voice of interfaith amity and universal peace. We, associated with Universal Peace Federation, in general, and Universal Peace Federation-India, in particular, are grieved and bereaved at the sad loss of Shri L. M. Singhvi, UPF Global Peace Council member, who ably inspired our endeavor for universal peace.


Ambassadors for Peace Conclude Ramadan Fast

October 23, 2007

UPF-Azerbaijan held a meeting in Baku on October 11, 2007, the last day of Ramadan. The event, which included a dinner for 200 participants, was sponsored and guided by Ambassador for Peace Dr Akif Kerimov, the President of "Kur Xazar."


New Ambassadors for Peace in Azerbaijan

October 11, 2007

UPF Azerbaijan concluded a successful meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, on October 11, 2007, the last day of Ramadan. The event, which included a dinner for 200 participants, was sponsored and guided by Ambassador for Peace Dr Akif Kerimov, the President of "Kur Xazar." He had invited his friends to receive Ambassador for Peace certificates. As it was the last day of Ramadan, he also invited everyone to eat Holy Food in order to conclude the fast.


Call up a Friend

September 22, 2007

In Amman, Jordan, Dr. Ghazi Tayyeb got a phone call one day last year from a friend who said, “Are you an Ambassador for Peace?” The soft-spoken former Commander-in-Chief of UN Forces in Croatia said yes.The caller replied, “Prove to me that you are really an Ambassador for Peace.”


Young Peacemakers Dream Big

August 12, 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Thirty-four students were named as Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace in the first annual awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The event was jointly organized by two universities, the University of Malaya and the University of Utara Malaya. With the active collaboration of both universities, altogether 550 students from nine universities attended.


In Memoriam: Tor Ragnar Gerholm

August 10, 2007

Our good friend and colleague, Professor Tor Ragnar Gerholm, Ambassador for Peace, died at the age of 81.


Goa Governor Stresses Need for Interfaith Dialogue

April 29, 2007

Governor S. C. Jamir highlighted the importance of interfaith dialogue to promote peace at a UPF conference in Goa April 29, 2007.


Ambassadors for Peace Seminar in Korea

April 6, 2007

Yong Pyong, Korea - More than 200 Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Yong Pyong, Korea, for a three-day study of the core values and principles of the UPF and its founder’s vision, looking for answers to the deceptively simple question, “Where does peace begin?”


Ambassadors for Peace Assemble in Paris

March 31, 2007

Paris, France - The FIAP Auditorium in Paris hosted around 200 participants in the French Assembly of Ambassadors for Peace on March 31, 2007. The topic was "Forming Alliances at the time of Global Crises." The purpose of the meeting was to inform guests about UPF activities


American Clergy Bring Peace Message to Guinea

November 14, 2006

Conakry, Guinea - Seven American Christian leaders arrived in Guinea on November 13 to deliver the UPF peace message.


American Clergy Bring Peace Message to Benin

November 13, 2006

The Republic of Benin welcomed eight American Christian leaders who had come to deliver the UPF message of peace.