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S. Radebe: Address to Rally of Hope IV

Address to Rally of Hope IV
December 5, 2020


Greetings to the Founder of UPF, our beloved True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, able UPF-International officials present, and distinguished religious leaders representing diverse faiths. I thank you all for the opportunity to share a few words at this august gathering to celebrate the first anniversary of the World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC).

Let me start by thanking Umfihlakalo, the Creator, for preserving our lives throughout this year, 2020. It has been quite an extraordinary year and has been the most challenging of times. Covid-19 has caused the loss of so many lives. It has devastated economies and destabilized politics. It has caused grief to many families around the world. Yet here we are, with a lot to be grateful for.

In February this year, many of us here were together in Korea for the World Summit 2020. It was at the time that the Covid-19 crisis was brewing. But we all (tens of thousands of us) as guests of True Mother, God’s Only Begotten Daughter, were shielded by her amazing grace. No one who came to that event caught the virus in Korea. That was most amazing! Afterwards the world went into a lockdown and everything came to a standstill. Yet True Mother forged on with her worldwide outreach.

On December 28 last year, we gathered in Newark, New Jersey, to inaugurate the World Clergy Leadership Conference (WCLC). On that occasion, True Mother declared that she wanted to believe in the religious leaders present at the gathering. Describing us as righteous people, she explained that our mission was to embrace our nations and the world with true love. She further urged that we must excel in guiding and leading people to God in the shortest possible time.

Recently, I was inspired to change the name of the institution I founded from “The Revelation Church of God” to “The Revelation Spiritual Home.” I believe it is time we move beyond church to create a home, a spiritual home. The spiritual meaning of the name “Spiritual Home” stems from the teachings and practices that go beyond that of a church but mimic that of a home.

True Mother launched last May the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community where all people will be able to live in interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values under our Heavenly Parent. This is the idea of a spiritual home!

Respected clergy and distinguished religious leaders, I have come to appreciate the vision and love of Mother Moon for all humankind. For me, she is really a Godsend. Her concerns for the fate of all the 7.8 billion people are clear and real. She has founded many new organizations and programs, especially the Sunhak Peace Prize to support all the efforts for environmental preservation and to tackle poverty. More importantly, she liberated Africa in 2018 in Senegal. Last year, at the Hector Pieterson Memorial, she prayed for and liberated the youth who fought against oppression, injustice and gave their lives for the sake of this nation. I believe she created a new dawn for South Africa!

Mother Moon is really a True Mother, the only begotten Daughter of God!

As we celebrate this anniversary of WCLC, let us do so with deep introspection and respond positively to Mother Moon’s call to work with her to solve the problems plaguing our world today. This world needs our common and focused attention.

I congratulate sincerely all the clergy who have answered this call to work together. May the WCLC become a force to reckon with and may it be a platform by which spiritual leaders will forge closer cooperation and ties in addressing these critical issues of our times.

I thank our True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for her love and for her investment in bringing us together toward this noble task.

Thank you!

Prophet Samuel Radebe is the founder of the Revelation Church of God, South Africa.



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