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N. Jones: Address to Rally of Hope IV

Address to Rally of Hope IV
December 5, 2020


Deference to the spirit of God that is present, to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to all the leaders of the World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC), and to all the clergy, and everyone else who is listening.

There are times when to stay silent is to be complicit to the things that destroy our theocratic vocational responsibility to spread the true love of Jesus Christ.

How did we get to this place of such a great divide in America and other nations, when we are the carriers of the Gospel and have been assigned to bring the world together in Jesus Christ? How did we reduce the significance of our theocratic calling to become minions and sycophants to political parties?

How could we substitute our ephemeral financial bottom lines for the eternal reward that we were called to receive?

How could we, who were called to lead men to the ultimate Leader of all men, Jesus Christ, spend our time reducing His message to lead men to our self-aggrandizing political leaders?

How could we take the purity of His Kingdom teaching, and subject its integrity and authenticity to any world system?

The role of the anointed Christian Leaders is never to ignore or reduce the integrity, authenticity, and credulity of our calling to convey the truth of Jesus that we should love our enemies. Loving our political opponents should be easier than that. They will love us because we loved them first.

We cannot reduce our calling to “go into all the world” by taking political sides. Once we do that we demonize, departmentalize, ostracize, and criticize the people of God whom he sent us to unite as one in Christ.

Father Sun Myung Moon, in the Fifth Summit Council for World Peace, giving the Founder’s Address on August 22, 1992 said, and I quote, “It is in true love that humanity is able to meet God and enjoy eternal life. For this reason, true love is capable of overcoming all the world’s problems. Through true love, by which we sacrifice ourselves in order to live for others, we can find the solutions to such problems as interracial conflict, violence, the conflict between rich and poor, and the various environmental issues. Families in which the individual members are united centered on true love can successfully combat the corruption of morals that has contributed to the downfall of so many of our youth. When the individual, family, society, nation, and the world become one through true love, then mankind can expect a very bright future.”

It is Father Moon’s, and now Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s, strong belief that Christianity and America must take the lead in bringing about this True Love to the world.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the “Mother of Peace,” stimulates us to embrace all humanity from every race, religion and nation.

Ours is to express True Love to all men and women on both sides of the political divide. Our calling to True Love and Peace transcends Democracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Socialism, Communism and Autocracy.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the Mother of Peace, in her memoir, speaks of her own impression of the Spirit of the Lord being upon her, when she says and I quote: “For the 13 months of Father Moon’s imprisonment, I was coping with feelings of sorrow and injustice, but my responsibility to lead our church and the providence came first.”

I want to say to all of my great clergy leaders: there is no time for self-pity when the world is in need of True Love and Peace. No time to be crippled by our pain and differences when the world needs each one of us to bridge the divide.

WCLC, World Christian Leadership Conference, let us unite and dissolve the walls that separate men from women, ideologies from ideologies, religions from religions, nations from nations, until we dissolve ultimately the wall between North and South Korea.

God bless you.

Bishop Noel Jones is the Senior Pastor of City of Refuge, USA.



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