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P. White: Address to Rally of Hope IV

Address to Rally of Hope IV
December 5, 2020


I am so honored to be with you. And what an encouragement to the body of Christ.

Congratulations to you, Mother Moon, for your tireless efforts and your work as you have continued to bring faith leaders from all over the world to work together in peace and unification, to bring together people for the better cause.

And while we see there is much work still to be done, we look at the great accomplishments that you have set as an example for all of us to follow.

I am reminded of the word of God. The Bible tells us so clearly in 1 John 4:16 that “God is love and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him.”

It’s so important that we as clergy, as people of faith, call the body of Christ together to abide, which means to stand firm in God’s love, to extend peace, to extend His love, to see His love cover our nation and all nations, to bring them to Him, a true knowledge of who He is, a true knowledge of walking in that love.

It goes on in the Book of James and throughout 1 John. It says that there cannot be bitter and sweet waters that flow out of the same fountain, that you cannot say that you love God and yet you hate your brother.

And so, it tells us to labor, to work diligently, to work with effort for the unity of all brethren. I ask you, as fellow clergy, as people of faith, that we labor.

It is so important to be rightfully equipped with the armor that God has given us through His Word. His Word is our bedrock and so as we turn to his Holy Scriptures, the bedrock of our faith, we are able to find comfort and consolation.

You see, the Bible is pretty clear. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God is having a talk with Solomon. After Solomon built the temple, he said to him: “Look, there will be a time when there is no rain, or there will be a plague among the land, but if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and I will heal their land.”

As we truly repent and ask God to search our hearts, “Is there anything that is not pleasing to you God, is there anything that you need to do in our lives?” As we repent, and we pray, and we fast, we know that God will heal our land.

God wants to bring restoration. So, I pray that you, myself, along with Mother Moon will be a part of that great restoration.

Jesus said it like this in Matthew 12:30: “Whoever is not with me is against me and whoever does not gather, scatters.”

We thank you for that spirit of gathering on you, Mother Moon. May the spirit of “gather” come upon you right now and may God do a great work to gather us together. We are praying for America, and also for the reunification of Korea.

I am reminded of this story that I would like to read to you in Mother Moon’s memoir. On page 355, Mother Moon tells about a photograph of her grandmother, Mrs. Jo, with a child on her back. Mrs. Jo was a super devout Christian who bravely went out in the 1919 Korean independence movement to protest the brutal domination of Japan and at an appointed hour, together with women all over Korea, pulled their banished Korean flags from their blouses and defiantly waved them, in public.

Mother Moon notes that the child on her back was her mother and she noted the sad expression on her grandmother’s face when the nation was stolen.

Then in another picture her mother, Mrs. Hong, was carrying a child on her back and joyously waving her Korean flag on August the 15th of 1945, when Japan surrendered. Her grandmother had such a look of joy because she regained her nation. The child was Mother Moon.

Mother Moon, we see the day coming when you will have the same joy on your face.

Because together with you, America and Christianity will support Korea coming back together as one nation for God, bringing the world to peace.

May God do a work in America. May God do a work in Korea.

And may God do a work through all of his chosen, anointed children.

God bless you.

Pastor Paula White is the president of Paula White Ministries, based in Apopka, Florida. Pastor White delivered the invocation at the inauguration of United States President Donald Trump in 2017.



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