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V. Fedorov: Address to Rally of Hope IV

Address to Rally of Hope IV
December 5, 2020


Dear participants of the World Christian Leadership Conference!

It is joyful to realize that in response to global threats to humankind—the pandemic, terrorism, natural disasters, man-made disasters—that humanity is increasingly feeling the need for cooperation between citizens with different ideologies, from different political systems, from different religions, languages, ethnic groups, and cultures.

A good example of this cooperation was the ecumenical movement in the 20th century. This movement was developed based on knowing the need to realize a common mission, a common Christian mission, in the world.

If we have dialogue with other religions, we should have our common answer to the questions, to the problems—common Christian answers. And for this activity, for this purpose, we need structures and projects, such as this project in which we now participate, this conference of Christian leaders.

It is a good chance for me to congratulate this conference, the World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC), because it was founded one year ago. And I send very cordial greetings from Russia to the organizers, to Mrs. Moon—who did so much for peacemaking—for this activity. There are so many common tasks for us, for representatives of different religions.

This interest in spirituality, this renewal of spiritual culture, we can see not only in religious spheres, but also in civil society.

And now, over these last 20 years, scientists have started to speak about “spiritual intelligence.” I am sure that people who are leaders of religious communities are people with very high spiritual intelligence, and our task is to organize politics, culture, and education in our society with the idea to help people develop their spiritual intelligence. This will be the mission of the church.

I wish many fruitful years of activity of this Conference.

Many thanks for the invitation and very warm greetings from Russia!

Archpriest Vladimir Fedorov is an Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church.



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