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T. Walsh: Address to Rally of Hope III

Address to Rally of Hope III
November 22, 2020


It is my high honor and privilege to share a few words with you at the outset of this 3rd Rally of Hope. I am deeply grateful to the leadership and wise guidance of Dr. Hak Ja Moon, and to the many eminent and very distinguished leaders who will deliver keynote addresses today. The Rally of Hope Series is sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation and is dedicated to building a unified world of peace. Its impact is being felt in every corner of the world.

Today’s Rally, being viewed by millions, commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, and honors those veterans who served during that conflict, sometimes known as the “forgotten war.”

It is estimated that the war caused 3 million fatalities and brought about the complete devastation of the infrastructure of the peninsula. Without the intervention of the United Nations Security Council which set up a Security Command consisting of a 16-nation peace force, the Republic of Korea would no doubt have fallen permanently.

Many Korean families are still tragically separated by the 38th parallel. Many died without ever being reunited with their loved ones. Please understand, however, this Rally of Hope series is not merely reflecting on the suffering of the past. On the contrary, this Rally of Hope is part of UPF’s global effort to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula, guided by the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values. This Rally of Hope works to inspire and build a global alliance across all continents dedicated to the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, and the creation of a peaceful unified world.

Toward this end, we are building a global coalition of stakeholders and peacebuilders, representing governments, religion, civil society, business, the media, and academia, working hand in hand, with one heart and one goal, to overcome the barriers that divide us, in order to create one universal family under God.

Throughout 2020, UPF chapters around the world have been convening hundreds of programs toward this end. Over the next two years those programs will increase dramatically. We need your help. Indeed, let us work to fulfill the very hope of God, our Heavenly Parent.

Please join us. Let us work together. Thank you very much.

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh is the Chairman of UPF International.



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