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H.J.H. Moon: Address to Rally of Hope I

Address to Rally of Hope I
August 9, 2020


Respected heads of state, former presidents and prime ministers, religious leaders and world leaders! I know that especially at this time you are more concerned and working harder than anyone else for the health and safety of your citizens. That is why it is imperative that we set matters right. We desire one human family and one community centered on Heavenly Parent, unified in interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

However, until now, human history has been one of war. Even today, right at this moment, war is happening. Why is it so difficult to see a hopeful future? Originally, the Creator wanted to realize his dream on earth—to build a heaven on earth with his children. However, the unexpected human fall brought about a history scattered about with wars like that which we see today.

An example from nature

Yet, the unfallen natural world abides by the laws of creation. I would like to talk about the monarch butterfly as an example. As you all know, a butterfly has a short lifespan. The monarch butterfly body is no longer than three centimeters. Those that live in Canada during the summer fly thousands of kilometers to Mexico to spend the winter there. This takes them more than two months. The monarch butterflies would have never migrated there before, but they follow the path their parents took and fly the distance. This is a law of nature. It applies to the animal kingdom as well. As long as human beings do not destroy them, the law of creation controls the number [of creatures] and protects each species.

Koreans must show the way

It is said that things went wrong because human beings committed the Fall. This means that fallen human beings do not have a relationship with their Creator. The Creator cannot change his principles. Therefore, he has had to carry out the toilsome providence of restoration through indemnity.

How difficult it must have been that it took six thousand years for the True Parents, who would realize Heaven’s ideal of creation, to be born on the Korean Peninsula! Doing so was a blessing from Heaven to this peninsula. A people or individual that Heaven has blessed must fulfill their responsibilities. Adam and Eve could have become the first human ancestors, but they could not fulfill their responsibilities and built a fallen world. The Korean people, the Korean Peninsula, gave birth to the True Parents for the first time in six thousand years. Hence, how should the Korean people fulfill their responsibilities? There is only one path. That path is to unite and attend Heavenly Parent. The Creator is our parent. Humankind has failed in its filial duty by not recognizing our Heavenly Parent. True Parents have emerged in front of such a people, and they began a Blessing Movement to re-engraft humankind as Heavenly Parent’s children through Marriage Blessing events.

A community of one human family unified through interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values... If Heavenly Parent is at its center, all its problems will be solved. However, in the world today, many institutions and groups put the individual or their nation first. This approach is far from Heaven’s way. We must search for our Parent. When we attend our Parent on earth, justly and truly, we will be able to enter the eternal world, heaven in heaven, when we finish our lives on earth.

Think about this: I said that families who do not receive the Blessing and are not newly engrafted cannot become Heavenly Parent’s children. Yet families who have received the Blessing must fulfill their responsibilities. To live for the sake of others means that you cannot be the only ones who receive the Blessing. We need to guide our neighbors, tribe, people, nation and the world to receive the Blessing, through which we can all receive Heavenly Parent’s love together. We are alive today for that purpose!

Remain steadfast, unwavering

Human beings’ ignorance has created climate change, not just in this country but in all the countries around the world. We are destroying the beautiful planet that the Creator originally built. Thus, nations that are economically strong are trying to leave this planet to explore space. This cannot be a genuine solution. This is our beloved planet that our Lord, the Creator, has chosen for us. Those who wish to abandon it will have no future. Just because you are going to outer space, will that be eternal? Life has a limited time frame. To build my family in a way that it is prepared for the eternal world is a more urgent matter.

There have been so many casualties due to Covid-19. We have stopped communicating with one another. On top of that, there are more casualties and victims of natural disasters and flash flooding. What do you think about this? We said that Heaven, our God and Creator, is love. We said that he is our parent. How would parents feel watching their children die?

From this moment on, the time has come for the Korean people and this nation’s political and religious leaders to repent and pray for Heaven’s compassion. The Korean people’s mission is to lead their brothers and sisters from around the world to Heavenly Parent’s bosom through True Parents.

Put an end to all thinking, in an uncommitted manner, of neither going one way nor another. Please understand that this is Heaven’s last warning and your last opportunity. Attending Heavenly Parent is the only path to Korean reunification. There are many powerful nations surrounding Korea. They are not at the center.

Heaven wants to see the completion of the providence through True Parents. As a filial and chosen people, who are loyal and filial to Heaven, I earnestly hope and give my blessings that during this time today you can teach all the nations of the world and their citizens how to attend Heavenly Parent.

Thank you.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is the co-founder of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). Dr. Moon married the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 1960 and together with her husband, has played an instrumental role in founding an array of religious, academic, educational, arts, and peace organizations working in more than 190 nations.



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