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C. Date: Address to Rally of Hope I

Address to Rally of Hope I
August 9, 2020


It is a great honor for me to be here at the “One-Million-Person Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World.” My name is Chuichi Date, and I served as president of Japan’s House of Councilors until August of last year. I must say that this conference, held under the theme, “The Current Situation and Future Issues of Covid-19,” is a very timely one.

Today, I am happy to have Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri, president of UPF-Japan, and Rev. Eiji Tokuno, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, here with us today. It was through an invitation I received from these two presidents that I participated in the World Summit 2020, which took place in Korea this past February.

It was an honor for me to give my remarks on behalf of Japan in front of leaders of various walks of life, including heads of state and top government officials from all over the world, while Dr. Hak Ja Han was present on the stage. Even now, thinking about it, I can feel the great sensation I experienced then.

At that time, Covid-19 had already started to loom over Asian countries, and when I saw that they were able to successfully gather dignitaries from all over the world and hold that grand international conference with six thousand participants despite that very difficult situation, I cannot help feeling that God is with this movement and God protected it.

Dr. Hak Ja Han said in her keynote address, “Human-centered selfishness has exhausted not only human beings but also the beautiful earth. It is not possible for humanity to become one with thoughts and ideas focused only on earthly, human life. We must properly understand God, the Creator, who is the origin of the universe.” I still keep those words in mind. I was deeply impressed by the sight of Dr. Han expressing her beliefs with dignity in front of high-level dignitaries, including heads of state and heads of government from around the world.

As soon as the summit ended, fear of Covid-19 swallowed up the entire world. Fortunately, Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries have not suffered such extensive damage, but we are in a situation where we cannot drop our guard against the second and third waves that may come. In times like these the “International Summit Council for Peace” which Dr. Han launched during the summit needs to fulfill its role.

The Covid-19 crisis has divided the world, which faces unpleasant situations such as countries blaming one another and competing for masks and medical resources. Meanwhile, racial conflict is becoming more serious in the United States. There has never been a time such as now when such a desperate need has arisen for the spirit of “interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values,” which Rev. Moon and now Dr. Han have consistently encouraged.

The publication of the Japanese version of Dr. Han’s autobiography, Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes, took place in March. Many Japanese politicians, scholars, and religious and business leaders are providing reviews that show that the book has deeply touched their hearts.

If we compare the conflict between the countries of the world to a fight between siblings, what the world needs now is someone who can be like a mother to all humanity and bring about reconciliation. I sincerely hope that under the guidance of Dr. Hak Ja Han, the activities of the “International Summit Council for Peace” will show the way to solving various problems that the world is facing, taking a strong step toward world peace. On behalf of the participants and leaders from Japan, thank you very much.

Hon. Date served in Japan’s House of Councillors of the National Diet from 2001 and president of that august body from 2016 to 2020.



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