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M. Ponce: Address to Third Rally of Hope 2020

 Address to Third Rally of Hope 2020, November 22, 2020

I am grateful to the Universal Peace Federation and to Mother Moon for inviting me to this world summit called the Rally of Hope and Peace, an appropriate international space for addressing global issues and dialogue for peace.

What brings us together on this third occasion is an agenda for debate to analyze the serious issues that afflict us as independent nations in a globalized system.

This summit should be an expression of global consciousness among democratic nations that understand their own ills are also others’ ills. Therefore, the call on free, democratic nations of the world should be a call to solidarity.

Respected Participants:

We Salvadorans are living at a time of deep transformation as a result of a successful peace process. We have given an institutional political direction to our country. With the help of the good offices of the United Nations, we have been the artisans of peace in El Salvador, convinced that the only possibility of overcoming the profound differences that separated us was to face them squarely and with determination.

Although our peace process has been imperfect, we have shown the world that the solution to political crises and internal armed conflicts is dialogue and finding agreement among brothers. Now, having overcome such a bloody and heartbreaking stage in the political–institutional life of our country, we can walk in peace, freedom and a constitutional status of being under the rule of law. Holding tight to the law, we are certain that ideas will be fought with ideas, not with bullets or cannons.

Therefore, we have offered, and will continue to offer, our experience in dialogue and empathy to ease other conflicts around the world, in order to re-establish in our land a strong and lasting culture of peace and true reconciliation among all people.

Recalling the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, I genuinely hope for the establishment of a firm and sustainable peace agreement through dialogue and negotiation, leading to a peaceful and definitive reconciliation of inter-Korean security disputes affecting the region and the world.

My appreciation also goes to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon for her tireless efforts to promote peace, which is an essential premise to achieve absolute peace orientation and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula through the will and determination of the Korean people.

Dear Friends:

Climate change is a matter of national and global security concern. Increased vulnerability causes conflict and insecurity in many countries.

It is therefore important to develop a peacebuilding agenda addressing the impact of climate change and its adaptation. Any successful peace process must include security strategies along with climate change mitigation and adaptation programs.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are convinced that the democratic strengthening of societies requires free, independent institutions capable of responding to local needs and realities, to actively contribute to social cohesion and the strengthening of the rule of law.

Understanding that we currently have tools we never had before for the development of our countries, I am optimistic that we will continue to work to meet the aspirations that we have set for ourselves, to inspire our people to provide success stories and examples for a better world.

Thank you very much.

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