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H. Moon: Address to Third Rally of Hope 2020

 Excerpts of Address to Third Rally of Hope 2020, November 22, 2020

Beloved leaders from every field across the world! I am glad to see you all.

Due to not only many unexpected problems breaking out around the world but also the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing much political, economic and religious conflict around the world. An indescribable and unpredictable reality is unfolding in front of us.

I am sure everyone feels that we have reached the limit of human effort. At this point in time, a new movement must arise—a movement of people attending God our Creator at the center of our effort to resolve all these problems and look forward to a bright future. Our Creator created our beautiful earth and made preparations to live the life of the heavenly kingdom together with all people on earth, and then to live together with everyone in the eternal world. What this means is that God, our Creator, is the Parent of humankind.

The grave problems arising in the world today are not only the problems of Korea. Our Heavenly Parent should be the center through which all these problems can be resolved. If all people in the nations of the world become the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and form one great family under Him, the problems occurring today will no longer be problems.

Before it is too late, I would like to erect monuments not only in these 16 countries, but in all the 60 or so countries that sent their support to Korea back then. I am aware that most of the 16 nations have already erected monuments in memory of the soldiers who died, but they still lack the complete list of the names. I wish to record each and every one of the names of the fallen for all eternity. And I have made a commitment to quickly erect monuments in countries where they have not already been installed.

There is hope for us. God is with us. We owe much to God. We must not pass down our indebtedness to our descendants. Today’s Republic of Korea has come to be because Heaven and the world acted together in the civil war that broke out on the Korean Peninsula seventy years ago to protect Korea’s democracy.

I will pray for our bright future.

Thank you.

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