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S. Radebe: Address to UPF-Africa “Peace Talks” Webinar

Address to UPF-Africa “Peace Talks” Webinar, June 6, 2020

 I have chosen to speak on the importance of holistic, peaceful and tolerant families. It is a proven fact that there will never be peace in the world when there is no peace within families, that there will never be tolerance in the world when there is no tolerance within families, and that there will never be sharing of genuine love in the world when there is no genuine sharing of love within families.

A family is the first school of life for each and every human being—great and small, rich or poor. No matter what each person has turned out to be in life, the first school of life is ones’ family. It is a proven phenomenon as we progress in life that ahead of any other influence—be it from church or society or other institutions—the fundamental and important school of life is a family.

We have also noted throughout the ages that the world therefore had it all wrong, all along because the world does not invest in building peaceful, healthy and strong families. It is for that reason, therefore, that we encounter endless conflicts around the world because of the lack of investing in the nucleus of families.

The work spearheaded by True Mother Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is to build families and instill the practice that the foundation of any healthy society is a formidable family structure and definitely our first steps into the world. Her work is by no means magical but is an absolute revelation from God.

We go about looking for secrets in the world: secrets to succeed in our careers, secrets to grow our businesses financially, secrets on how to amass great wealth and secrets to grow in our spiritual life, to no avail.

Strangely enough, we all gravitate to the thinking that these secrets are out there, far away from us but stored in heaven somewhere. The reality is that everything we need on earth, heaven has already provided us with and bestowed these within a few human beings whom God has blessed them with, and the greatest secret is that these individuals exist among us.

Our duty is to identify those special people to whom the heavens have revealed those secrets, and True Mother is one of them. May I reiterate this truth: The secret of building solid families is a secret from heaven but has been bestowed to some individuals on earth, and True Mother is one of those individuals who have been granted this gift.

The problem is that the world refuses to accept life’s secrets from other human beings. They are of the opinion that the Creator will personally speak to them with a big, loud voice, and only then will the proverbial penny drop.

If we all follow True Mother’s teaching and real-life examples of building and investing in our families, we will all be having holy families. If that would be the case, I believe that a great portion of the world’s problems will in large measure be solved, and things would consequently fall into place.

Allow me, honored guests, to give an example of how our world that has not invested in families has turned out to be. In the last few days, the world witnessed an uproar in America following an unimagined racist and fatal attack of one human being by another. This act of racism has shocked our world and will linger for decades to come. The question is: How long has racism plagued our world? Why is it that in 2020 we are still fighting this demon called racism? Why are our politicians, governments and religious leaders failing to solve the racism problem? Throughout the years we have been watching and are still blessed to experience True Mother’s success in encouraging healthy and holy families through cross cultural intermarriages, which in themselves have removed the barriers that have kept people of the world apart.

True Mother’s work in building these cross-cultural intermarriages has eradicated the falsehood that other races or nations have different DNAs from the rest, thereby making them super humans.

Through the teachings of love, peace, respect, tolerance, honesty and embracing all peoples of the world, the offspring of these marriages will systematically erase the notion and practices of racism in our societies and the world at large because the parents of these offspring are from different countries, different nations and cultural practices.

These offspring will thus bear no hatred, no racism but will hold dear the secret of collaboration and genuine embrace of others as a way of life. As a consequence of this type of upbringing, these children will become holistic, peaceful and tolerant adults who will not be open to any form of deep-seated hatred or racism.

True Mother’s secret of the dawn of a peaceful and tolerant people contains the secret of a world that promotes love, peace, prosperity and a highway for heavenly nations and by extension a heavenly world that is intolerant of any form of racism.

I thank you.

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