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J. Mica: Address to World Summit 2020

Address to World Summit 2020, Seoul, Korea, February 3-8, 2020


We gather together to achieve a better world through Parliamentary cooperation. World peace and prosperity can only be realized when nations have security and stability. Working together we must continue our mutual efforts to combat terrorism, international drug trafficking and challenges that destabilize the wellbeing of people across the planet.

Our citizens cannot prosper if they live in turmoil brought about by radical acts of violence or trafficking of illegal narcotics. Only by nations joining together can we succeed in resolving the major obstacles we currently face. It is my belief that that will be the only path to bringing security and safety to our countries and the world.

As leaders from across the globe, we have an obligation to ensure that all people have an opportunity for a good and peaceful life. With stability all nations will prosper. Only in that atmosphere will businesses and economies have an opportunity to expand.

During my 24 years in the US Congress, I focused on domestic and international transportation policy, overseeing the growth and issues of the aviation industry. I have marveled at how commercial aviation has brought the world closer together. It brought us here together and every day provides a magic carpet for millions to travel and see the world. Even with all its success and surviving the challenges of international terrorism, that same system that made the world smaller now faces a health epidemic of major proportions. In the past the world has come together and met similar challenges. I am optimistic that with cooperation and nations working together, we can and will tackle this and any future problems.

It is my honor to join you today and this week as we explore ways to make a better, safer and peaceful world.



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