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H. Boriboun: Address to World Summit 2020

Address to World Summit 2020, Seoul, Korea, February 3-8, 2020


Chairman, distinguished honored guests, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Lao Sangha and myself as Lao clergy of the National Committee of Lao PDR, I would like to express my warm congratulations and best wishes to the Chairman of this World Summit 2020, “Toward Peace, Security and Human Development.”

I am honored and greatly pleased that the World Summit committee has invited me as a clergyman of Lao PDR to attend this prestigious conference at this important time for the region and the world as a means to create unity and to bring about peace in our countries. I am very pleased to see in recent years that the ties of friendship and cooperation among religious organizations has been enhanced in many areas of the world, which we could perceive from visits exchanged at Buddhist seminars and cooperative delegations in various countries around the world during the Buddhist Vesak Day celebrations.

The World Summit 2020 covers a wide range of important meetings, including the Global Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, the Global Assembly of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development, and other conferences, to further the programs and direction of Dr. Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012), founder of Universal Peace Federation which sponsors this summit today. I am sure the meetings this time will be useful in furthering the cooperation of government leaders, religious leaders, women leaders, civil society leaders and the media to share experiences and learn new innovations for human development.

Buddha promoted the teachings of Morality, Meditation and Wisdom particularly. Development of society and culture, based on ethics and virtue, leads to peace.

I hope that the vision that World Summit 2020 is promoting will continue to flourish and blossom in the coming years.

I am confident that the success of these meetings will be of benefit to the participants, the organizations they represent, and their governments, to bring about a better and happier outcome.

Once again, on this glorious occasion, I wish you all the best. May the World Summit 2020 be successful as expected and fulfill all your goals and wishes for world peace, stability and eternal prosperity.

Thank you.



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