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M. Abernathy: Address to World Summit 2020

Address to World Summit 2020, Seoul, Korea, February 3-8, 2020


I would first like to say good afternoon to my brothers and sisters that have come here this week to the World Summit 2020 with a desire and vision to bring unity and peace to our whole world.

In Genesis God told Abraham: “Through you and your seed shall all the nations be blessed.”

So how can we accomplish this? It takes:

  1. Direction and vision. Without it we all fail.
  2. Resources and human capital, which brings about finances.
  3. Promise to succeed. God told Abraham: If you follow this plan, all people in this earth shall be blessed.

Religious leaders, it is our responsibility to bring calm, unity and peace to our sphere of influence. Loving one another with all honesty is doing the will of God. We must love the least of these if we desire to do the will of God.

Let’s start this week living for the sake of others, and quit living selfish lives.

True Father and Mother Moon have lived their whole lives for others. This is why we have been put here for such a time as this. We are the chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. We are God’s special possession.

Brothers and Sisters, it’s time we stand up (without fear) and Proclaim the Truth. It’s time to come together as One Family Under God! Then we can bring our worlds closer together, for change.

God bless you.



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