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K. Kim: Address to World Summit 2020

Address to World Summit 2020, Seoul, Korea, February 3-8, 2020


Good afternoon, Everyone,

Once again welcome to the World Summit 2020 and to the World Clergy Leadership Conference General Assembly under the banner of the Assembly by Global Cristian Clergy to Advance the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World.

Earlier today, many well-known Christian leaders from all the world’s continents shared their great experiences and thoughts. We are all very inspired. Thank-you for your great inspiration.

At this closing, I, as a co-chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, would like to share with you True Parents’ thought on world Christianity: not the theory, but the practical point of how to bring unity of all Christian leaders and build the Kingdom of God. 

Presently, we are experiencing many problems and conflicts around the world, but at the same time we are seeking a new era of peacemaking between East and West, and North and South. Overcoming confrontation and division, we are headed toward the age of unification through harmony, as one world family of brothers and sisters. The decade leading up to the Year 2020 is a precious period that God has allowed us for returning to the originally intended world. It is a golden opportunity. 

Now is the time to reflect upon the fact that we have not contributed enough for world peace. Now is the time for each church leader to develop true love, which is the origin and basic element of world peace. We all have to come to the point of interacting with each other with true love, knowing that this is the shortest route to attaining world peace, which is at the center of God’s providence. Father and Mother Moon call this Godism (하나님 주의), which means that any action should be centered on God. To stop the rush toward the destruction of world peace, we need to establish a true sense of values centered on Godism, which is living for the sake of others.

We have to call all Christians and religious leaders of conscience and deep faith to come together. We have to teach them to be workers of true love for our eternal God. Many people throughout the world today are starving for true love. They are waiting for true people like us, who are able to live for the sake of others, to emerge. If we can establish the tradition of true love, all religions will be united. God and all humanity will be united, and our hope, God’s originally intended ideal of creation, will be fulfilled—the same ideal that Jesus had sought as well. We all came to the WCLC 2020 Assembly today to show the world and our young people that a new age of peace, a new age of true families, and a new age of blossoming of true humanity is now dawning. 

Last year, on December 28, Mother Moon, the Mother of Peace, gave a historical message in America at the Inauguration Ceremony of WCLC and told us that we are chosen people. We are commissioned by God to build His Kingdom on earth. We all heard God’s calling from True Mother’s message.

At that time, we also launched the Young Clergy Leadership Conference in America. Inspired by Father and Mother Moon’s teaching and the work of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, some of our young clergy decided to bring this message to fellow young clergy, with the intent to bequeath this commission and ensure the future and sustainability of our interreligious work, spreading this message throughout the generations.

The perspective of Godism is that world peace will not be achieved by means of political ideologies oriented toward power, nor by any initiative that relies on physical force. World peace will be accomplished only when all of us share in God’s love and truth, and put them into practice.

With this viewpoint, ACLC will be hosting Christian leaders representing all 50 states of America and WCLC representatives of each continental chapter, for an actionizing seven-day workshop experience from February 18 to 25 in Las Vegas, at the International Peace Education Center, which True Parents had built for just such a purpose.

I pray that God’s blessing may be upon each and every one of you.

Thank you very much.



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