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Reflections on the ILC

Reflections on the ILC, Seoul, Korea, Aug. 15–18, 2019


An Ambassador for Peace, I came as a representative of the inter-religious community of Brazil. Since arriving in Korea, I have felt a beautiful spiritual vibration. It is a blessing to be together with so many distinguished leaders from around the world. I applaud the work and ministry of UPF and the Founders. The activities are extremely important and bring the spirit of God. From the moment I arrived in the nation and attended the opening dinner and plenary session, I have felt a spirit of love and presence of this higher power. Congratulations for the work of the Universal Peace Federation.
—Rev. Selma Tristao, Pastor, Evangelica Hebrew Religious Denomination, Brazil

Without a doubt, Reverend Moon was a visionary leader who was able to foresee future challenges and anticipate innovative strategies to assure we are on the desired path towards true peace. The ILC conference encourages and empowers us to be more aware of the dangers and evils lurking in the shadows and the imperative to accelerate our collaborative efforts. We must do everything possible to reach not only the current leaders but also raise up and prepare our youth to become the leaders for tomorrow. Media and modern technology can play a role to contribute to world peace, but we must take the initiative to design and execute an intelligent strategy. Let us be reminded of the words of John F. Kennedy, who said: “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air.”
—Ms. Patricia Pitaluga, Advertising and Communications, Approaching Nations Civil Association, Argentina

The goal of UPF is called “Cheong Il Guk,” which means to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, not in the other world. It is a magnificent plan. Reverend and Dr. Moon have done almost everything for that goal. This time I was impressed by the plan to create three new organizations. UPF is working in all areas of life and all around the world. Reverend Moon is not just a religious leader. He is the greatest as politician, administrator, general, and businessman. He is a universal genius. I have participated in various conferences, but this is the most interesting one. The people who are in UPF are all persons of integrity and vision.
—Prof. Masahisa Hayashi, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University, Japan

I have participated in UPF conferences many times, but my wife opposed my participation in this conference because the Japan–Korea relationship is very difficult and a typhoon was approaching Japan. She felt some danger in the situation. However, it was good for me to come to this conference. I could meet and talk with people from various fields. That was very good. What I learned through this conference is the importance of patience to achieve peace. No matter how difficult the situation is, the way to peace is opened by tenacious perseverance.
—Hon. Yoshinori Ohno, Former Defense Minister of Japan

UPF provides unique perspectives, especially those from Korea. Such perspectives help understand how Koreans as well as other people see Korea–Japan relations and Japan. Coming to Korea itself helps me better understand Korea and the Korean people. Such help is increased because UPF participants are peace-loving people; namely, they hope Korea–Japan relations will improve. The UPF Founders have gathered those people and helped them develop these ideas. Some Koreans even comprehend Japanese perspectives and encourage us to patiently repair the difficult situation between Korea and Japan. The Japanese try to love our neighbors, so naturally we love Koreans. In addition, a Cambodian official, thanks to UPF, shared about Japanese historical contributions to that nation this time, which was informative to the Korean people in an official setting, as such reports are not usually shared in Korean society. 
Hon.Yoichi Anami, Member, House of Representatives, Japan

The theme of UPF conferences has tended to be too large to handle. However, it was more concrete and substantial this time.  If we develop and refine it, it will lead up to world peace.
—Rev. Yoshio Kawakami, Professor Emeritus, Tezukayama Gakuin University, Japan

My major is applied physics. I participated in this conference in order to contribute to ICUS. Actually, the areas of science are considerably wide, so it is difficult for scientists of different fields to have a dialogue. UPF even goes beyond science and covers politics, media, religion, and business. It is even more interdisciplinary than ICUS. I was very much stimulated by this conference. I realized that people from such a wide range of expertise must be integrated in order to achieve peace. Only UPF can do it. There are many organizations working domestically, but UPF is the only organization that can create a network of various kinds of people beyond national boundaries. Now unilateralism is prevailing. At a time like this, the importance of UPF will increase. Until now I have focused on my area of expertise; however, I would like to expand my horizon further and contribute to world peace.
—Dr. Yoshiyuki Amemiya, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University, Japan

I work at the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper. I was quite inspired by the UPF regional reports, especially by those of Dr. Michael Jenkins and Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri. I was totally ignorant about the fact that UPF is working very hard in various fields in spite of such a severe international situation and the difficult Japan–Korea relationship. I feel that UPF activities are superb. This afternoon I participated in the working group discussion of media and proposed my idea for World Summit 2020. I was amazed by the fact that UPF is constructing a big event in such a careful and dynamic way, gathering people from all around the world.
—Mr. Masaya Oikawa, Editorial Writer, Mainichi Shimbun, Japan

I participated once in a conference of this group more than ten years ago. Compared with that time, the range of participants is much broader. Notably, many people from countries in Africa and Latin America participated in this conference. I often participate in conferences on finance and economy, but they tend to be just a series of intellectual speeches. However, people here expressed emotion. Their words are backed by their emotions, so they touch people’s hearts. I was impressed by the wide range of arguments concerning world peace. UPF’s methodology and know-how is very appealing to the world. I was also impressed by the UPF leaders’ linguistic talents. They can speak both Korean and English.
—Dr. Tetsuji Tanaka, Chairman, Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Several employees of the Lotte World told me how happy they are with our groups. An English-speaking staff member, responsible for vacuuming the carpets, said UPF groups are much easier to clean up after because our participants don’t smoke and don’t leave the area messy. When I told the manager that we’ll be using a different hotel in February, he jokingly said, “I’ll call Mother Moon and tell her we want Dr. Walsh and our group to stay in the Lotte World!”
—Dr. William Selig, UPF International

Overall, the conference was excellent both in terms of logistical arrangement and the issues deliberated. With participants drawn from a number of important sectors such as politics, business, media and religion, the conference has been able to come up with a number of innovate ways to promote peace, not just at national level but also at global level. The most important thing, however, is how we take these messages and learning among ordinary people in different countries and engage them in the movement. There are some misconceptions about this movement in some parts of the world. How we address these misconceptions is also something that we may need to think of. Personally, I think that it is high time we started an innovative public outreach strategy through different means of mass media. This strategy should aim at reaching out to people at the grassroots level and make them part of this movement. The immediate thing that can be done in this regard is strengthening the UPF's department that oversees media and public relations. Producing electronic newsletters on various activities conducted by the UPF along with its values and core objectives and circulating them through electronic means to different parts of the world could be a first step towards that end. National offices of the concerned country could translate them in local languages and distribute their hard copies to people at the grassroots level. It is equally important for this movement to engagement more and more young people. Since most young people these days prefer social media than traditional media, we may need to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to disseminate information about the mission and objectives of the organization and its various activities. A separate YouTube channel for this organization may also help UPF to reach to more people at the grassroots level.
—Mr. Kosh Raj Koirala, News Editor, Republica National English Daily Newspaper, Nepal

There are certain elements that stood out from this ILC; in fact, they jumped out. Continually speakers were asking, “How can we spread this message and make this organization more well-known?” This is all the more impressive because these comments were coming from first-time participants.
Actually, the nature of the conference guests had a different focus. Instead of inviting people who were well-known, the concentration seemed to be on inviting people who can help expand our network as we prepare for 2020. As a result, the spirit of this conference was highlighting next steps and building blocks. One participant recommended that we have at least one more ILC planning conference before the February conference. The breadth of UPF’s outreach was astounding. People could not believe UPF is involved in so many fields, in so many nations and cultures, in such a substantial way.

  1. Recurrently, on both days, people at the podium asked for more youth to be involved. There should be a separate session dedicated to youth in the program for the World Summit.
  2. As mentioned, a second ILC planning meeting could be held, or separate planning meeting for the various working sessions. This could be done either at the international level or at the regional level.

Overall: The music, the performances and the images on screen were spellbinding. It was so natural on the anniversary of Reverend Moon’s ascension that we again celebrate his life. Looking back at our life together with him brought us closer together as real family members. Goodluck Jonathan’s message needs to be copied and sent to Africa. Then it should be shared in every nation in the continent. In terms of quality, Hollywood or Broadway would take a second seat to this production.
—Dr. Robert S. Kittel, President, Youth and Students for Peace

The truth that is impressive is the way the UPF works by touching on issues that are very vital at the global level such as peace. In view of the deprivations and social, political and economic injustices that people experience, peace is important.
The work that UPF is doing is excellent and invaluable. Also what is being done in the parliamentary section for peace, I congratulate you as well. An organization by which the work they are doing to bring parliamentarians around the world with a purpose -- the purpose of peace in this land, the cessation of violence, destruction, corruption and all the undue things that we are seeing the world. I congratulate the UPF, its members, Dr. Walsh as president, and the governing body composed in different regions and countries. Congratulations, success and may God continue to bless this institution.
Hon. Jose Alfaro Jimenez, President, National Assembly of Costa Rica

Impressed is the first word that comes to my mind. This is the first time that I feel comfortable when I hear talk about spiritual issues. The respect for all religions is evident. It is incredible and notable. I could perceive the good vibes and the positive attitude of all present, without fear of expressing themselves to bring spirituality and love to God of each person. Everyone sets an example of respect towards UPF Founders, and this happens based on words and actions.
I have found that this conference reaches my heart with the true meaning of peace. In order to achieve happiness, this can happen if we fight for it at all times from our heart and by our example. Only then will we be able to impact people and achieve this dream.
As a young politician, there are occasions when I lose hope, but suddenly messages come to my heart like those heard these days and motivate me to keep fighting, but with much more strength.
Yesterday I heard that the countries that are the happiest in the world are those that have made good governmental decisions. But those decisions to achieve some happiness are not achieved unless we have peace. And peace is not achieved unless we impact our environments, beginning with our homes, family, neighborhoods, communities, countries and the entire world, all from the hand of God.
As a young woman, as a politician, but above all as a mother I feel worried about the world we have are leaving for the future. I see that universal values are being challenged, and we must look for ways to continue working and fighting, any way possible to achieve universal peace.
I leave very grateful, wishing to be able to support you in all possible ways, excited to continue working to achieve that dream of obtaining the world peace that we all want to have.
Hon. Ana Karine Niño, Congresswoman, Costa Rica

On my way from the United States, I thought this conference would be just speeches and a get-together, but once I was here, I noticed that it’s an interactive program. There were not only good speeches, but people were asked to participate actively to think about the future. We discussed peace, family values and religion’s involvement. For over 15 years I have been involved in interfaith work. The work and efforts I see here is phenomenal. My admiration for UPF’s Founders has reached new highs. Every religion in this world spreads peace and harmony. Family under God is essential to keep hope for the future. It was amazing to see the way the mission of Reverend and Dr. Moon was presented with performances at the Anniversary Program. May the Almighty give health and energy to Dr. Moon to keep the mission moving forward. This peace mission is the biggest legacy one can leave to the world. May the Almighty bless the people who are part of this mission and gives me a chance to work for peace with Dr. Moon. 
Ms. Aisha Khan, Baltimore County Democratic State Central Committee

I was very impressed by today’s event at the Peace Center. Dr. Moon is really working with young people. That means that UPF has a great future.
Dr. James Lee, Former Director, World Bank

The conference was very constructive. Today’s group discussion [on the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace] was quite good and to the point. I hope to be able to attend World Summit 2020.
Mrs. Inga Bite, Former Member of Parliament, Latvia

Regarding peace, we know a lot about Gandhi or Martin Luther King, but people don’t know about the amazing achievements of Reverend and Dr. Moon. I would like to write an article about this when I return to Austria. We need to publicize this content. Reverend Moon’s thought and achievements are extraordinary. My 16-year-old son was very impressed by the conference and by Korea, and he wishes to stay longer.
Dr. Rathor, Former UN Official, Vienna, Austria

UPF is the only world-level peace organization that works on peace from the inside and from the mind. It is not trying to solve conflicts through attacking the people causing conflict. It is not making a war against war; it is dealing with conflict from the mind and the heart.
Mr. Michel Thao Chan, Circle of Reflexion of Nations

We are all impressed by and we love Dr. Moon. We need to give this love also to Mother Earth, who has been suffering a lot.
Rev. Hjörtur Johannson, Head Minister, Lutheran Free Church of Reykjavik, Iceland

Greetings and best wishes to the Universal Peace Federation. We would like to extend our profound appreciation for the invitation extended to myself and Mrs. Belgrove to attend this ILC. It is interesting to note that in 2002 we received a divine revelation from Our Lady of the Roses to establish Vision 2020 for the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The prime minister then (now deceased) placed it on the national agenda. Both he and his wife were Ambassadors for Peace.
The last time we were in Korea was to attend Reverend Moon’s ascension ceremony some seven years ago. Today's ceremony reconnected us to his life purpose, and Hak Ja Han Moon's continuing to fulfill the mission profoundly touched our hearts, especially with the call to Vision 2020.
The thematic areas of the conference we found to be very insightful and appropriate, especially in the context of a changing universe and the characteristics that are required for peace and sustainable development in the new era.
We have recognized that divine providence has ordained that we should be here at this time since just one year ago we received the revelation from the Holy Spirit through Our Lady of the Roses that we should distribute passports to the citizens of heaven with a key embossed on the cover. similar to the design of the key unveiled today.
We envisage that a delegation of 30 former parliamentarians, current government officials, business investors, civil society leaders and a cultural delegation led by former President Anthony Carmona can be mobilized, including our permanent representative to the United Nations who is presently the chair of the UN Women and a former government minister.
We can also reach out to key government and business officials in other Caribbean countries.
We wish to host a pre-summit conference in September in Trinidad to introduce the 2020 Summit.
These days of dialogue have emphasized the goodwill of our human capital and that what is required is a catalyst of holy energy to fulfill the mission and purpose of heaven, which is provided by the Universal Peace Federation with the leadership of Dr. Moon.
We also suggest that the grassroots be mobilized through tangible interventions to trigger a momentum of the people centering on the articulated values of the summit.
God bless you all.
Sterling and Marcia Belgrove
Sterling Belgrove, Chairman of the National Steering Committee, UN Development Program, Trinidad and Tobago, and Marcia McClashie Belgrove, Co-founder and director, Rose Foundation, Trinidad and Tobago

Reflections on the Memorial Ceremony for Rev. Sun Myung Moon held on August 17

My heart was penetrated with emotion beyond my power to see Memorial Ceremony to Reverend Father Moon, where the activities and lives of the Moons were shown through hardly endurable difficulties. I asked myself what I did in my life after learning that they had accomplished so many great and humanitarian outcomes through pathetic hardships.
Father Moon was great and holy, surpassing other heroes and saints in human history. He embraced whole world in his heart with a warm, generous and peaceful mind without any armed forces throughout world.
Previously I was invited to various ceremonies in many countries when I used to work for the World Bank. However, I have never been so solemn and tearful at any event as at the Memorial Ceremony to Reverend Father Moon.
Reverend Moon became the universe in 2012, leaving more expandable holy works to Dr. Moon and us. By the super-mundane power streaming from the heavens, Hak Ja Han Moon is now performing epoch-making divine activities in whole world.
Daring to cite human history, I say that she is far more powerful than Russian Empress Catherine the Great in 18th-century in Russia. We, all the world’s people, should and make up our mind to provide warmest, hearty support in sincere loyalty to Dr. Moon for her eternal great works of sanctity.
Dr. James Jung Sang Lee, Chairman, Trust Investment Bank, Pakistan, and Former Managing Director, World Bank Group

The performance at the Memorial Ceremony was outstanding. We were deeply impressed, especially by the letter by Reverend Moon’s grandson. It touched our hearts the most. We could feel Reverent and Mrs. Moon’s deep love for each other and the heart of filial piety of their children. We feel a lot of hope for the future, seeing our young members pouring out their hearts and sincerity during the performance.
We thank the UPF Founders for loving and inspiring our worldwide family, as well as touching the hearts of our colleagues.
Jose and Georgina de Venecia, the Philippines
Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr., Special Envoy of the Philippine President to APEC and Intercultural Dialogue; Intl. Co-Chair, IAPP
Hon. Georgina de Venecia, Former Chairperson, Association of Women Legislators of the Philippines Foundation

I feel our beloved Mother Moon shares her agony and pain as well as her joy and hope with all of us in a very intimate and special way each memorial festival as if she is opening up her inner self to us through these programs each year. This year was the highlight of all so far, and I cannot imagine how it could be even more beautiful and meaningful next year. Thank you for accepting us and embracing all humankind as your own children despite our inadequacies.
Ursula McLackland, Secretary General, UPF-Asia Pacific

Maintaining the level of organizational excellence, opportunity and relevance that characterize UPF events, this conference is distinguished by the general motivation that was promoted in all participants, so that the great commemoration of next year, on the 100th anniversary of Dr. Moon, may result in the relaunching of the UPF, with more force and effectiveness. Thus, the legacy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon will penetrate the minds and hearts of leaders to help solve the enormous challenges facing our countries and humanity.
—Agustin Jarquin Anaya, President of UPF-Nicaragua and Former Comptroller General, Republic of Nicaragua



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