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P. Radebe: Address to Africa Summit and Leadership Conference 2019

Address to Africa Summit and Leadership Conference 2019


Excellencies, Speakers of Parliament, Honorable Ministers, Fellow Religious Leaders, Muslim Ministers who are representing the Presidents of their countries, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am particularly grateful and honored to welcome you all here at this time today. I welcome our True Mother. Some may wonder why I say “True Mother.” I believe that names follow people’s actions. I believe that once you’re close to True Mother and know her deeds and works, you will see how fitting is that title.

I had a women’s meeting last Saturday and I remember introducing to the women True Mother and I was saying it is a blessing and a coincidence that she will be visiting here. Last week at a ceremony in the church I was saying to them that this is a great honor because women face many challenges in the world today. I was saying to them that now we are going to meet an iconic woman who has stood up for peace, together with her husband, and has worked tirelessly to bring families together and to unite this effort. That is very profound.

I believe in the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” You always surround yourself with people of the same vision, people who inspire you, not people who put you down. This is what drew me to True Mother in order for me to partner with her. I was drawn by the energy, drawn by the deeds. She is a woman who doesn’t talk so much, but her deeds speak loudly.

Many times when I’m introduced as Prophet Radebe, people think that an old man will appear. Many times when I’m accompanied by others, people will greet them, thinking I am just escorting them, so I have to correct them or they have to correct themselves. I am still a young person in age, but not in spirit. People like True Mother are our inspiration and our role model.

It is not easy to be a leader. It is very difficult. I always say the loneliest place on earth is the place of leadership. If God were to ask me if I wanted to be a leader, I would refuse. But because it is a calling, it’s something I didn’t ask for, I am here today.

To have inspirational peace builders like True Mother to share with us is a great blessing. She is a true reflection of what a mother is. I lost my mother at a very young age, before starting my own calling. When we look at mothers and women like True Mother and women who are fighting for peace, knowing how difficult it is, it’s very inspirational, very uplifting for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome her officially to the summit today. Tomorrow we’ll be at the stadium to celebrate families uniting families, family as the center of the society.

To all our kings, all delegates, please accept and welcome True Mother to South Africa. She is a woman of peace. Accept this remarkable woman of peace.

Thank you very much.



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