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P. Radebe: Address to Africa Summit

Address to Africa Summit 2018, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 21–25, 2018


Good afternoon, everyone. Good afternoon to the leadership of UPF. I’m so happy to host you here, Dr. Walsh and the team. I'm so excited to see you here in my country, actually also my birthplace, Cape Town.

I'm not a formal speaker. I speak from the heart. I'm just from a country province. I was in Mozambique for the past few days. We had to take plane after plane, and then a boat. It was very far. But when I received a message that said Dr. Moon is here and she was requesting that I come, I had to come from wherever I was to be here today. That is the color of respect that I have for Dr. Moon. 

If we can all look at the positive things in each other rather than the negative, we can draw strength from each other, and the world can be a better place. We spend too much energy and time looking only for the negative things in each other. And this is what is my task. When I put on my positive eyes, not negative eyes, I could see the positive things and good things about this organization, especially Dr. Moon.

The positive things that I've seen in Dr. Moon is what attracted me to this organization. It is only when we are positive that we are able to put all religions and all races together. This is the work of Dr. Moon, putting all religions together.

As I was sitting down there, I could see a beautiful picture when everyone was dancing here in front: different races, different religions, all under one roof, happy. This is what attracted me to Dr. Moon: the values of family, as I also believe the family is the foundation of society. The reason why we have so much conflict within our societies is because of broken families. 

I am honored and excited to be here today hosting Dr. Moon, the only begotten daughter, here in South Africa. As someone has said, this day will be remembered. It will not be erased. We should not allow any negativity or negative persons to erase what happened here today. Let's keep the positive that can unite us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am introducing to you Dr. Moon, who has worked so hard for peace in the world. We have few who are fighting for peace, but we have many who are fighting for themselves. I want to ask all to stand up and to welcome this heroine with a loud cheer.

Thank you very much.



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