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M. Ousmane: Address to Africa Summit

Address to Africa Summit 2018, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 21–25, 2018


Dr. Moon, Excellencies, Distinguished Participants, and all those fortunate enough to have received the Blessing of marriage that has just been conducted here today. It has truly been an honor and privilege to witness firsthand the extraordinary grace and beauty of the ceremony that we have all participated in here today in Cape Town.  What a beautiful and truly moving ceremony it was!

First of all, let me offer my deepest gratitude and most heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Moon for bringing this wedding ceremony, this Blessing ceremony, to South Africa and to the continent of Africa. When we look back on this remarkable ceremony in years to come, we will surely see that it will have marked a historic upturn in the fortunes of this great nation and of our continent, as well as having released all of the deepest values, ideals and longings in the hearts of our people. Thank you so much, Dr. Moon. There are no words to express our gratitude.

Second, I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations and warmest best wishes to all those who were able to receive this Blessing here today. I truly hope and pray that having received such immense grace, you will go on to realize all the divine potential that is within you, each of you as individuals and as couples, and to build families where God can truly be present at all times, bringing you great happiness and fulfilment, and through you bring blessing to others.

I hope and pray that you may become a force of goodness in this nation. Please renew throughout Africa the sense of the primary importance and value of true love, of heavenly marriage and of loving families that live for the sake of others so that together we can truly substantiate the beautiful vision of a new Africa that Mother Moon has opened up throughout her presence here n Cape Town these last few days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may the blessing of Almighty God be with each and every one of you as you go forth from this place, and my warmest congratulations to all of you once again. Thank you very much.



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