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H. Hussein: Address to Africa Summit

Address to Africa Summit 2018, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 21–25, 2018


First of all, the Islamic greeting, a-salaam aleikum. UPF president, Dr. Thomas Walsh, Mother Moon, and other respected delegates, ladies and gentlemen. First and foremost, let me thank UPF for inviting me to participate in this conference. I thank also UPF and South Africa for the tremendous hospitality and also the house of Mandela. We appreciate the highly positive activities of UPF in working toward peace, harmony and progress, to bring together different people of the world to work with one another and to solve together the problems facing our nations.

I bring greetings from my government and from the Somali people. We hope that there will be peace in the near future. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for hosting such an illustrious event. I thank UPF and Mother Moon, Dr. Walsh and Adama Doumbia, UPF Regional Secretary General for Africa, Mrs. Kathy Rigney and all of UPF. I thank them for supporting the Somali delegation.

I greet all the people participating here. I thank all of you. Especially I thank Dr. Eiji Tokuno. He was the first person who supported Somalia when I joined UPF in 2006. I thank you very much.



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