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D. Burton: Address to World Summit 2019

Address to World Summit 2019, Seoul, Korea, February 7–11, 2019


Thank you very much for that kind introduction, Dr. Jenkins. And special thanks to the World Summit 2019 conference leadership, especially my good friend, Dr. Thomas Walsh, chairman of UPF International. I also want to say that it is so nice to see Speaker Gingrich and Vice President Cheney here.

Distinguished current and former heads of state, fellow parliamentarians, ladies and gentlemen:

Following the inspiring and thoughtful comments made by our previous speakers, it’s an honor and privilege for me to briefly introduce our host and final speaker this morning. Her remarkable story goes far beyond the time I have this morning, but I would like to mention just a few important highlights of her life.

But let me begin with a sincere word of thanks, on behalf of all gathered here this morning, to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for convening this important conference.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon started organizations that reach every corner of the globe. They created the

  1. Family Federation for World Peace;
  2. American Clergy Leadership Conference;
  3. Interreligious Association for Peace and Development;
  4. International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, for which I am proud to serve as co-chairman along with former Speaker of House of the Philippines, the Honorable Jose de Venecia. Over 90 countries and 5,000 parliamentarians are now active in that organization.

The goals of these organizations are to bring about peace and understanding among nations and faith in God and the family.

And in America, Dr. Moon and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon started a great newspaper, The Washington Times, which is read by leaders all across America.            

And around the world in 2018 alone, Dr. Moon convened seven world summits: in Senegal, Austria, Brazil, New York, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nepal.

And here in Korea when fear that violent conflict with North Korea was very possible in 2017, Dr. Moon called together some 80,000 world leaders and Korean citizens who gathered in Seoul’s World Cup Stadium on a chilly November weekend. She invited 400 major religious leaders to stand with her in calling for a peaceful solution to the Korean peninsula crisis.

She also came to the U.S. Capitol and met with and addressed House and Senate members of Congress about the problems facing America and the world.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon has worked tirelessly at a time when the world needs such leaders who believe in the human spirit, the family, and a God-centered world.

Dr. Moon, your leadership is touched by God’s hand and we sincerely appreciate your being with us today.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us now welcome this remarkable leader to the podium with a strong round of applause.



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