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Declaration to Establish the International Mayors' Association for Peace

Recognizing elected representatives as one of the most fundamental components of the organizational structure of states and a lifeline of democracy centering on the aspirations of the people, these elected representatives play parental roles in shaping the future of their people and nation;

Reaffirming that elected officials represent the people and are entrusted by the people with a great responsibility, when they join together in harmony and cooperation for the sake of peace, they can play transformational roles to usher in an environment of happiness, harmony and lasting peace;

Accepting that the public-good is most easily advanced by democratically elected representatives, it is acknowledged that the democratic tradition has roots that date back centuries and currently is the most widely practiced form of government;

Understanding that good governance is secured not only by the policies and laws of the political system, but, in addition, requires that those who hold positions of power be people of good character, guided by an altruistic conscience, and grounded in universal moral principles as well as a citizenry that is morally responsible and well-educated;

Knowing that peace is not merely an absence of violent conflict, but comes about whenever the principle of living for the sake of others first learned in the family is practiced thereby creating social relationships which are harmonious, balanced and respectful for all beyond race, religion, gender, ethnicity and nationality;

Appreciating the valued network of partners for their selfless support, encouragement and contributions, without which this Asia Pacific Summit 2018 – Nepal would not have been possible, our sincere appreciation goes to:

  • The Government of Nepal,
  • The Federal Parliament of Nepal,
  • The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP),
  • The Universal Peace Federation (UPF), and
  • The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP); finally,

Honoring the unparalleled investment of the founder of UPF and IAPP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and in the presence of the Summit co-host, the Prime Minister of Nepal H.E. KP Sharma Oli, and the heads of state and government herein in attendance, we, the participants of the Mayors’ Leadership Conference 2018 – Nepal, propose the formal establishment of the International Mayors' Association for Peace,

on the occasion of the Asia Pacific Summit 2018 – Nepal on this 2nd day of December in the year 2018.