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M. Islam: Address to Latin America Summit 2018

 Address to Latin America Summit 2018, São Paulo, Brazil, August 2–5, 2018

Our Father Adam (PBUH) landed in Sri Lanka; he travelled to the land of Pharan rather quickly in search of his dear companion, Eve. He moved swiftly because there were no barriers to cross, no immigration and custom laws to observe and visas to obtain.

When Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) ruled 1.3 million square miles for ten years in the seventh century A.D., it was one state from China to Spain: one passport. The food, shelter and security of every individual citizen was guaranteed. After his demise Second Capliph Hazrat Omar Ibn Khattab used to say if a cat or dog, not to mention human, dies without food in his kingdom, he would be responsible.

There were no migrants, immigrants or refugees. They were all human: not Segregated like in today’s world in different classifications of asylum, migrant, immigrant, refugee—as if these are not human but an “issue.” We experience this from Myanmar in the East to the Americas in the West, as the exodus continue. 

We cry bitterly when our own family member dies because we feel the pain. But when hundreds of thousands (even millions) of innocent people die as the spoils of war, also drowning in the Mediterranian Sea to find a better life elsewhere, there are barriers. Not looking at humans but at an “issue,” we are trying to treat the “symptoms,” not trying prevention.

Everyone wants to live in peace. Every child should be born in peace. Peace is our birthright. But peace does not exist anymore.

There is no peace at home, no peace at the workplace, no peace in business, no peace in the government cabinet, no peace in parliament, no peace in the nation, and no peace in the country. Peace is dead, his father is dead, his mother is dead, his fourteen generations are dead. There’s nobody alive in his family to light a candle in his house.


  1. Bering Strait - $400 billion dollars, 7 billion population - $100/Share
  1. Every head of the state must worship at a regulator place of congregation—Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, not only for hatch, match and dispatch.

Every parliament must have a high priest.



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