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F. Sakow: Address to International Leadership Conference 2018

Address to International Leadership Conference 2018, Seoul, Korea, February 18-22, 2018

Namas Amitabha Amitayus Tathagata!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered here in Seoul today sincerely seeking peace, happiness and co-prosperity for all peoples on earth. Hereby, allow me to deliver to you our cause and sole principle upon which we shall endeavor to realize, at this convening, our common objective of creating a spiritual assembly at the United Nations. 

Religions, if they uphold their true purpose, just teach us to “be good!”Then, what does it mean for us to be good?

Being good is simply working for life; it is protecting and upholding the life of others, yourself and all the living things on earth. So, being bad, as opposed to being good, is acting against life; it is injuring the lives of others, yourself and other forms of life in nature. 

Killing is evil, extreme badness. Killing is extremely anti-religious.

God, though, called by many names and, in the three modes of the God, gods, or Dharma, literally means maximum goodness. Therefore, God is always absolutely for life. God blesses, loves, heals, protects and prevails over life. God never forgives killing.

Only if and if only all religions, the diverse spiritual traditions of humankind, can reach this understanding, and realize themselves as diverse cultural expressions of the true oneness, shall they become integrated for the co-promotion of life, naturally including and being able to respect and enjoy the diversity of respective cultures.

Only the integrated religions, a perfect alliance of cultures for God and life, can lead the secularly divided world to unity as one holy world, which will eventually allow people to live in perfect harmony and enjoy peace, happiness and co-prosperity, under the common cause of God.

Soul must rule the mind and body, controlling matter. Truly, religious wisdom must take a lead in settling secular struggles within and among nations. 

As we stand at the great divide between a heavenly future or a hellish one, we propose the Religious Assembly of the United Nations be urgently created, as an addition to the General Assembly, so that the United Nations can duly represent both divine and secular values under our common cause of God, moving the United Nations a step forward towards becoming a global federation of nations that protects and promotes life. 

May the God, gods, or Dharma, the trinity expressions of the same universal truth, bless, guide and speed us all forward.


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