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J. Luveni: Address to International Leadership Conference 2018

Address to International Leadership Conference 2018, Seoul, Korea, February 18-22, 2018

Distinguished parliamentarians, world leaders both religious and civil, it is an honour to stand before you today at this Universal Peace Federation-sponsored Conference.

I am particularly delighted to be here to witness the beauty of this country and the goodness of its people and to congratulate Korea on holding one of the most successful Olympic Winter Games.

Let me also take this opportunity to personally thank the UPF Founders, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his life-long partner, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. The worldwide foundation they have built reveals their unstoppable passion for peace and their willingness to sacrifice without measure. Let me, in advance, convey to Father and Mother Moon my sincere good wishes on their upcoming joint birthday.

The Universal Peace Federation brings together stakeholders who are committed to searching for realistic and reasonable solutions to critical global problems and to draw on their collective experiences and expertise in a collaborative approach to peace. [1]

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is undeniable that the world is under threat from many quarters. Both our natural and social environments are being threatened in ways never imagined by our parents. With these critical challenges facing us, parliaments have a special responsibility to address these problems.

Also, religious leaders, due to your standing in communities and broader societies, you have the spiritual influence that holds sway to the masses. When you preach to the multitudes, your voices have a powerful impact in the societies you serve and beyond.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, and fellow Parliamentarians, let me add a few thoughts on the role we play in working towards peace. As elected representatives it is through us that the voices of the people are heard in government. We must advance issues for the public good.

It is our responsibility to ensure that there is good governance in our lands by introducing and implementing good policies and legislating just laws for the benefit of all people. Equally important, we ourselves must be people of good character, guided by our consciences and by universal moral principles. [2]

As political leaders, we parliamentarians hold positions of power in our nations and, as such, must practise spiritual principles and moral laws that are founded on the existence of God, our Creator. This will ensure that there is good governance where people live lives of goodness in harmony with their fellow men.

Religious leaders can engage with parliamentarians for the common good of their communities and avoid being politically manipulated. They should work on issues affecting people’s lives that include: education, health care, strong families, mutual prosperity and peaceful co-existence.

Lastly I wish to stress to Parliamentarians that our role should not only be limited to supporting or opposing short-sighted government policies. We must now think and be concerned about global issues that ultimately affect the peace and well-being of people everywhere.

To conclude, I commend the parliamentarians attending this noble conference from many nations for being willing to seek answers to the critical challenges we face together. This conference provides us with a well-spring of opportunity to advance our global quest for peace.

I wish you every success in your deliberations.

Thank you very much.


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