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N. Mehta: We Have Been Highly Enlightened

Español, Français

We have gathered here today to celebrate peace. Let me emphasize that if we could, we do not even wish to remember the unpleasantness that has just shown its ugly face in our beautiful country.

We have gained a great deal from the precious knowledge shared by such magnificent speakers like Dr. Thomas Walsh, Dr. Manu Chandaria, and Mr. Martin Luther King III. I am delighted to see such a big number of people from various ethnic groups, interests, and countries.

On behalf of everyone, I wish to thank all the speakers. Also, thanks are due to all religious representatives and representatives of various foundations present here today. Thanks are due to each and every listener for your precious time. I can see you are deeply touched by the words of wisdom you are carrying home with you. Bringing together the two sides has never been an easy task.

To blend and give a common essence of life to suit the taste of each individual is not easy. I can vouch for the fact that today’s speakers have met this challenge of talking to this diverse audience so very perfectly. We are indeed very highly enlightened. Our knowledge has been added to.

Various Ambassadors for Peace and various officials from diplomatic missions are here to grace the occasion. We wish to thank them all. Thanks to all sponsors, including friends of Dr. Manu Chandaria, and as you can see from this banner, Manji Biscuits.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that woman power, though rarely spoken of, is very important. I appeal to the Universal Peace Federation and to all of you to remember the advice of Martin Luther King III to look into sisterhood and register more women Ambassadors for Peace!

Neerja Mehta runs a paramedic and health care supplies business in Nairobi. This speech was given at the close of UPF's International Leadership Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, March 18, 2008.