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J.M. Sanguinetti: Congratulatory Remarks

Congratulatory Remarks at the Memorial Luncheon on the Second Anniversary of the Passing of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Cheon Jeong Goong, Gapyeong, Korea, August 12, 2014

Dr. Moon and members of the Moon family. Your excellencies. It is my honor to have the opportunity to say a few words on this important occasion.

First of all I want to thank Madam Moon for all her and her beloved husband’s investment in Latin America. You have been a frequent visitor to my country of Uruguay, and indeed all the countries of South America. Recently we convened an important UPF conference in Montevideo attended by your daughter, Sun Jin Moon.

We have participated over the past few days in a very stimulating conference, the World Summit, sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation. There are a wide variety of very impressive participants from many countries, and we are discussing the prospects for peace and development in the world.

Father Moon was indeed a “global citizen” and a man dedicated to peace. He is known widely as someone who labored for peace the world over. There are several aspects of his legacy that I appreciate very much.

First of all, he advocated dialogue and reconciliation between enemies. I believe that is the meaning of the word “unification.” He was a pioneer especially in promoting dialogue among religions, for example, among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land, including Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. He also promoted dialogue among the denominations within religions; for example, between Protestants and Catholics, or Sunni and Shia, or between Orthodox and Reform Jews. As a global citizen he worked to break down barriers between nationalities, races and ethnic groups.

Secondly, I appreciate his and your efforts to strengthen the family as the cornerstone of a stable society. The family is very important, and if we lose the stability of the family, then children suffer and many social problems will accumulate.

Thirdly, I appreciate that you and Father Moon reached out to those who had opposed your work. For example, I know you visited North Korea, even though Father Moon was imprisoned in North Korea and was almost executed. As, you visited the Soviet Union to meet Mikhail Gorbachev. We need such leadership in our world today, especially when we observe the problems in Ukraine, Syria, Gaza and even here in Northeast Asia.

Madam Moon, I know this is in some ways a sad and difficult time for you and your entire family, and you must miss your husband very much. At the same time, his legacy of peace is one of which you, and all of us can be extremely proud. I believe his legacy will continue in South America and around the world. We all long for peace, and we will all continue to work for that goal.

In closing, once again, I want to express my appreciation for your great investment in South America and, more broadly, the Americas, and the world.