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Chung Tae Ik: Congratulatory Address

Congratulatory Remarks at the Memorial Luncheon on the Second Anniversary of the Passing of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Cheon Jeong Goong, Gapyeong, Korea, August 12, 2014

It is a great honor and privilege to deliver these congratulatory remarks on this very special occasion that honors the life and work of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, a peace-loving global citizen who passed away two years ago. I want to express my sincere condolences to Dr. Moon and the Moon family at this time.

We have been participating in the UPF World Summit 2014. I believe this World Summit is an excellent expression of the vision of peace that characterizes the life and mission of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

A highly selective group of delegates from around the world, including current and former heads of state and government, women leaders, and parliamentarians have gathered over the past few days to resolve the critical issues of our time. I am sure the UPF World Summit is the most suitable place to bring together the individual and collective experience, wisdom and insight of the world’s leaders to tackle the global problems that are also being addressed by the United Nations: peace, security and human development.

Taking into consideration the nature of the urgent challenges confronting the international community today, I believe that the theme of the World Summit is particularly opportune.

We fully recognize the fact that the global problems which the World Summit has addressed -- conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza, and Northeast Asia; poverty; climate change and rising sea levels; reform of the United Nations; etc. -- cannot be effectively addressed by the efforts of a few nations alone. The international community including the United Nations and NGOs such as the Universal Peace Federation need to work together to better cope with these global challenges but also turn the challenge into opportunity.

The UPF should serve as a center, crucial for establishing the international network for innovative vision and bold leadership to resolve the critical issues of our globe. The reason why the Korean Council on Foreign Relations is interested in joining this occasion is because it wishes to participate in the variety of peace activities of the World Summit and make its own contribution, sharing its experience and knowledge.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon spoke at the United Nations in 2000 and proposed the establishment of an interreligious council within the UN system. There can be no peace if we do not also bring peace among the religions. This is an innovative and timely proposal which we believe should be implemented. I hope that my good friend and fellow-countryman, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, will take steps to implement this proposal. Too many conflicts around the world are linked to interreligious strife, and not only strife between religions but strife between extremist groups within religions. That is why I believe the UN should adopt UPF’s proposal.

The Korean Peninsula was at the center of this power transition that took place some 100 years ago. And the Korean nation finds itself again at the center of the 21st century power transition today. But the current geopolitical environment includes a variety of features and characteristics that are different from the past. For this reason I am also encouraged by the work of UPF to promote peace in Northeast Asia. I recently participated in an important UPF conference in Vladivostok on this topic.

I am confident that your extensive wisdom and insight, as well as our collective experiences and ideas, will prove invaluable for the resounding success of the World Summit. I am sure Rev. Sun Myung Moon is proud to know that his legacy lives on and is gathering momentum.