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T. Hamad: Remarks at the Africa Day 2014 Celebration in New York

On behalf of the Universal Peace Federation it gives me great pleasure to once again join in partnership with the African Union's Mission to the United Nations for this celebration of Africa Day.

I am particularly pleased to see so many African Missions represented tonight, along with many other non-African missions. On this occasion, everyone may consider themselves an "honorary African."

It is especially gratifying to have the Secretary-General with us once again. Thank you, Mr. Secretary-General. Please continue to visit Africa for more collaborations, and extra sun tan.

The theme of the upcoming African Union Summit and this Africa Day is "Agriculture and Food Security." Throughout the day, there has been a series of panel discussions on this very important topic. The discussions noted that "The commemoration of Africa Day 2014 in New York provides an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of the peoples and governments of Africa and provide further opportunity to reaffirm the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations system at large for their efforts to achieve food security and nutrition for all."

Many of you know that the well being of the family is one of the main objectives of UPF. I was glad to notice that one of the objectives of the panel discussions was to "explore ways in which family farming can support renewed efforts to end hunger by 2025."

We fully endorse and recognize the urgent need for serious attention to be given to the topic of food security. As both population and sea levels rise, we become increasingly aware of the human family's vulnerabilities. It is our collective responsibility to help feed the 842 million people do not have enough food to eat.

We stand in full solidarity with the AU in its commitment to promote agriculture and food security in Africa and around the world. The UPF founders have demonstrated a great commitment to the promotion of food security, with particular emphasis on aquaculture and oceanic enterprises, including the development of fish powder that provide a needed source of protein. In addition, we have long advocated the development of transportation infrastructure to allow wider distribution of basic resources throughout the world.

We stand ready to be of assistance in whatever way we can. Last month the UPF chairman in collaboration with the UPF president traveled to Nigeria, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Lesotho, Mali, South Africa, Sao Tome & Principe for consultations.

Once again, congratulations to all Africans on this important day, and to all those who love Africa.

In conclusion I want to acknowledge the partnership, collaboration and contributions of all involved in tonight's event: the management of the Manhattan Center, Family Federation, performers, staff and volunteers of the African Union Mission. And Ambassador Téte, we do not know what we would do without you.

Madam Kanda, and all spouses of the African ambassadors, I cannot wait to taste the delicious food you kindly prepared for all of us.

Please enjoy the food and each other's company, dance with the music and work together to bring abundance and peace to Africa and the world at large.

For details about the Africa Day 2014 celebration in New York, click here.