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P. Ochirbat: Address to World Summit 2013

PhotoI come from the steppes of Mongolia and bring with me the heart of its people. I am happy to meet you. Before conveying the main contents of my speech, I would like to share a story:

Last year, Dr. Bo Hi Pak, the founder of the Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation, visited our country three times and hosted a banquet for Ambassadors for Peace each time. At one banquet he described how journalists would often come to Dr. Sun Myung Moon with questions about what he bases his efforts for world peace upon. He always responded: "This source is God." He also called on all people to connect with the same source in their own search for peace, ways to resolve conflicts, and develop solutions for the many challenges that face the human family.

This shows us that our capacity to love does not depend on our intellectual talent but on the individual's connection with the divine source. Before talking about the realization of a peaceful world, I would like to emphasize the significance of each human being.

The topic of my speech today is “Peacemaking Culture as a Mongolian Tradition."

In 1994, Dr. Joon Ho Seuk visited Mongolia as an envoy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Since then, I have attended and observed many activities, including international conferences and educational and cultural programs. My speech today is based on these experiences.

Ideas of peace support democracy, human rights, the development of freedom, respect for each human being, and the preservation of nature. And these have made a substantial impact on Mongolian culture.

The Unification Movement in Mongolia has developed through activities such as:

  • A family values tour throughout Mongolia
  • The annual Best Family Awards
  • The improvement of the urban environment including cleaning throughout the capital
  • The Pure Love Movement
  • Educational programs on World AIDS Day, December 1

These programs made a significant impact and were adopted in all sectors of Mongolian society by other NGOs and even governmental organizations. In this manner, I am happy to testify how successful the Unification Movement in Mongolia has been.

Traditional Mongolian culture is based on respect for the Eternal Heavenly Father and a global outlook. You may be interested to know that when Chinggis Khaan established the Mongolian empire in the 13th century, he allowed a variety of religions to be active in the capital, Kharkorum; and at that time people of faith respected each other and maintained a peaceful atmosphere.

In addition, Mongolians have genuine character, are hospitable, and have the attitude of living for the sake of others before for their own sake. When foreigners visit Mongolia for the first time, many of them report being impressed about these qualities of the Mongolian people.

A pattern of thinking more about society than one's own family, more about the nation than one's society, and more about the world than one's own nation has been cultivated in the Mongolian mind-set, and it accords with Dr. Moon's teaching. Such Mongolian thinking has been passed on since the time of Chinggis Khaan.

Chinggis Khaan said, "Even if my body is exhausted, the government is NOT to be exhausted." He also said, "Develop yourself, then your family, and then your nation."

Dr. Moon also mentioned "First perfect the individual, then perfected men and women should marry centered on God. Then true love, true life, and true lineage should be formed and passed on to future generations." He also said "True love is to give, give again, and even forget that you gave."

In the midst of the 21st century, with its overwhelming moral decline, the Mongolians' merit of morality passed on through their lineage should be awakened. Dr. Moon's core teachings are touching the hearts of Mongolians and helping to stimulate their potential to make a positive contribution to globalization.

There are now 1,000 Ambassadors for Peace in Mongolia. They have been inspired by the core values of the Universal Peace Federation that have been taught through various educational programs. Also the Mongolian People's Federation for World Peace was officially registered as an NGO in Mongolia in March 2011. The launch of the organization made an impact, and it has inspired many Mongolians. It is energizing Ambassadors for Peace in Mongolia.

In order to substantially establish a peaceful world manifesting Dr. Moon’s motto of "One family under God," Mongolian Ambassadors for Peace who have adopted his vision feel a calling as blessed people to carry on this noble tradition.

All the Ambassadors for Peace feel an individual responsibility as part of a global human family. I am happy to report that our Ambassadors for Peace will work hard to establish a model nation of morality, stimulated by the vision presented by Dr. Moon.

It was me who first received Dr. Moon's teachings and encouraged the launch of his initiatives in my country in 1994. By effectively incorporating Dr. Moon's vision and ideas into the foundation of Mongolian culture and tradition, I believe our Ambassadors for Peace will contribute to establishing a model nation of morality in this century.

The foundation of moral and family values education for young people that was laid through many years by the Unification Movement will ignite people's desire to establish such a model nation looking toward the future. In the course of developing such a moral nation, young leaders including spiritual leaders from among those who received those good educations will rise, and they will work together in leading the world toward a morally advanced direction in the coming 50, 60, or even 70 years.

In this manner, I believe the current Mongolian leaders are naturally sharing the future vision of our nation secured by the prepared youths who have been participating in Dr. Moon's programs and are morally educated. From today, in order to realize a model nation of morality as we awaken the merits of Mongolian traditional good culture, I would like us to work together.

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